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Yummi Karma

Cannabis-Infused Transformation: Elevating Yummi Karma's Online Presence

Discover how Socialectric's innovative web development, in collaboration with Studio Linear, transformed Yummi Karma's outdated website into a vibrant, interactive platform, driving increased traffic, user engagement, and sales for California's premier cannabis tincture brand.


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4-6 Weeks




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The Challenge: Reimagining the Online Presence for a Cannabis Wellness Brand

Yummi Karma, a pioneering brand in the cannabis wellness industry, faced a significant challenge with their outdated Wix website. With a diverse range of cannabis-infused products and a commitment to wellness, Yummi Karma needed a modern, user-friendly platform that could showcase their products and enable online sales. The previous website lacked cohesiveness, responsiveness, and the ability to handle a growing catalog of unique items.

The Solution: Crafting a Vibrant, Interactive, and Functional Platform

To address Yummi Karma's challenges, Socialectric collaborated closely with creative agency Studio Linear, which had revamped Yummi Karma's branding. The new website design aligned seamlessly with the updated brand aesthetics, featuring vibrant colors and an inviting layout. To achieve the desired level of interactivity and responsiveness, Webflow was selected as the frontend platform.

Key features were meticulously integrated, including an asymmetrical infinite draggable slider, engaging hover effects, spinning icons, captivating text reveal animations, a dynamic review feature, and a custom cursor. This combination of design and functionality added a layer of uniqueness to the website's user experience.

The backend of the website was managed through WeedMaps, facilitating seamless eCommerce transactions. The design, resembling a stack of folders, added an innovative touch, setting Yummi Karma's website apart from the competition.

The Impact: Elevating the Brand and Driving Growth

The transformation was remarkable. Since the launch of the new website, Yummi Karma witnessed a consistent growth in site traffic. Impressions and clicks increased threefold, reflecting the enhanced user engagement and improved user experience. The website's modern look and user-friendly navigation aligned perfectly with Yummi Karma's vision of becoming California's premier cannabis tincture brand.

Moreover, the website's SEO optimization made it easier for users to discover Yummi Karma online, further strengthening the brand's position in the industry.

The Love: A Successful Collaboration and Thrilled Partners

Both Yummi Karma and Studio Linear were elated with the results achieved by Socialectric. The new website captured the essence of Yummi Karma's brand and seamlessly integrated the unique design elements envisioned by Studio Linear. The vibrant and interactive platform effectively conveyed Yummi Karma's commitment to wellness and cannabis-infused products.

The success of the project was reflected not only in the enhanced website but also in the increased traffic, improved user engagement, and the overall positive impact on Yummi Karma's brand perception.

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