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Revamping a Resort Website for Improved User Experience

Philao Camping Resort is a great travel destination located on the Ho Tram strip (Southern coastline of Vietnam) with amazing views from the hill toward the beach.


Travel & Lifestyle




2-4 Weeks




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The Challenge

The website for a resort was initially lacking optimization, resulting in a challenging navigation experience, especially on mobile devices. The owner, who had limited web knowledge, struggled to update the site with relevant content about her business.

The Solution

To address these challenges, we restructured the website's sitemap to prioritize user needs, focusing on key offerings, directions, and transportation details for new visitors. Leveraging Webflow, we employed responsive design techniques using REMs to ensure mobile responsiveness. A notable feature included scroll-based web animations to enhance engagement.

The Impact

Following the redesign, the website experienced a 20% increase in traffic, indicating improved user engagement and navigation. The revamped design resolved the previous usability issues, making it easier for visitors to explore the resort's offerings. Despite tight timelines, we successfully developed the three-page website within three days, demonstrating efficiency and effectiveness in project execution.

The Love

Feedback from the owner, who happens to be my auntie, was overwhelmingly positive. She expressed great satisfaction with the revamped website, appreciating its improved functionality and user experience. Furthermore, we have submitted the website to Awwwards and are eagerly awaiting community feedback, confident in its potential for recognition.

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