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A Psychedelic Website Project for Yawn: Embracing the Mind-Expanding Journey

YAWN is a psychedelic wellness movement, building community through immersive experiences while destigmatizing through an elevated retail shop and informed use.


Travel & Lifestyle


Webflow + Shopify


4-6 Weeks




Wix to WebflowSquarespace to WebflowWordpress to WebflowEditor X to WebflowMigration to Webflow


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The Challenge

Yawn, a psychedelic wellness movement, sought to create an immersive eCommerce website to destigmatize the mindful use of psychedelics and elevate their retail shop's presence. The project's challenges included implementing mesmerizing website interactions and seamless integration of robust eCommerce features within a limited budget.

The Solution

Socialectric devised a cost-effective solution by leveraging Webflow for front-end development and Shopify for the back-end. This approach enabled them to craft captivating interactions on Webflow while utilizing Shopify's powerful eCommerce capabilities. They collaborated closely with Yawn's CEO, Maddalen, to address specific requirements and ensure the website embodied the spirit of the psychedelic experience.

The Impact

Upon launching the new website, Yawn witnessed a remarkable surge in website traffic, experiencing a notable increase of at least 210%. The site's performance metrics revealed 518,000 impressions and 12,300 clicks. With the immersive user experience and seamless eCommerce integration, Yawn successfully built a thriving community around their psychedelic wellness movement, inspiring curiosity and mindfulness.

The Love

Throughout the project, Socialectric's team demonstrated dedication and expertise, addressing challenges creatively and ensuring a smooth collaboration with Yawn. Maddalen, Yawn's CEO, appreciated the team's flexibility and responsiveness to her questions and needs. The partnership between Socialectric and Yawn resulted in a website that not only destigmatized psychedelic usage but also embraced the transformative journey of mind expansion.

Socialectric's innovative approach, combined with their commitment to understanding Yawn's vision, led to a successful psychedelic website project that not only promoted mindful exploration but also fostered a sense of community and connection among Yawn's audience. The harmonious blend of captivating design, seamless functionality, and thoughtful collaboration left a lasting impact on Yawn's brand and online presence.

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