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From Footcare to Global Fame: How Clapoti Transformed into a Skincare Sensation with a Winning Digital Strategy

Following the tradition of Korean saunas and their softening skin benefits, we are bringing a line of foot care products made of 90% natural ingredients, 80% organic, specifically developed for healthy and radiant foot skin.






4-6 Weeks




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The Challenge

Clapoti, a new Korean skincare company, approached us without an existing website, seeking assistance in establishing an online presence to sell their footcare products. While they were eager to tap into the online market, they lacked clarity on the best approach to reach their target audience. The project presented a dual challenge: first, creating a Webflow site to showcase their business, attracting B2B buyers and wholesalers; and second, setting up a simple yet effective Amazon store to expand their sales presence in the US, UK, and Europe. The complexity arose from dealing with logistical and inventory issues, making it crucial to find suitable service providers to ensure smooth operations.

The Solution

To address Clapoti's challenges, we initiated the process with meticulous planning and design. Leveraging the power of Figma, we crafted a visually appealing and cohesive website, aligning it perfectly with Clapoti's brand guidelines. The main business site focused on displaying editorial content and engaging blog posts related to their footcare products, effectively presenting their expertise and attracting potential buyers. Simultaneously, we recognized the benefits of utilizing Shopify as an eCommerce platform, providing seamless shopping experiences and efficient solutions for managing their product inventory.

The Impact

The results of our collaborative efforts have surpassed expectations, leaving a remarkable impact on Clapoti's growth and reputation. Within less than a year since the implementation, their footcare products have garnered an impressive collection of over 5-star reviews from satisfied customers. The Webflow business site has successfully showcased Clapoti's brand identity, creating a strong impression on B2B buyers and wholesalers, contributing to increased sales and partnerships. By integrating Shopify's robust eCommerce capabilities, Clapoti effectively expanded its reach to customers in the US, UK, and Europe, fostering global recognition and brand awareness. Despite the initial logistical challenges, we overcame them by identifying the right service providers, enabling Clapoti to efficiently handle deliveries worldwide. Our collaboration has empowered Clapoti to carve a prominent niche in the competitive Korean skincare market, and we are delighted to continue supporting their journey to success in the beauty industry.

The Love

Working with Marie, the incredible CEO of Clapoti, has been an absolute blast! Hailing from Korea and now making her home in the Netherlands, Marie's energy and enthusiasm light up every interaction we have with her. Despite her jet-setting lifestyle, traveling back and forth across the Pacific Ocean, she always brings a positive vibe to the table.

Marie is not just a savvy businesswoman; she's also the kindest and nicest person you could hope to meet. Her dream of sharing her footcare secret from Korea with the world and making it widely available for everyone is truly heartwarming. We couldn't be happier to be a part of her journey.

Every step of the way, Marie has shown genuine appreciation for our work, and that's something that keeps us smiling. Whether it's our collaborative calls or strategy sessions, she's always fully engaged and excited about the process.

Her unique footcare product has become a sensation globally, and we're thrilled to have contributed to its success. Marie's trust in our team has been a driving force, and we feel lucky to have such an awesome partner on this adventure.

As we continue this fantastic ride with Clapoti, we know that Marie's warm and friendly approach will keep making everything super smooth. It's more than just business; it's the joy of collaborating with someone who shares our passion and appreciates the little things we do.

Together, we're celebrating the power of partnership and friendship, and we're excited about the bright future that lies ahead. With Marie's support and inspiration, there's no limit to what we can achieve together in the world of skincare. Cheers to a fantastic collaboration and to bringing Clapoti's footcare magic to people everywhere! 🌟😊

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