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Studio Linear

Transforming Studio Linear's Online Presence with Webflow

Studio Linear is a mom-founded, woman-owned company that began over 10 years ago in a little town in Maine. When our first project in cannabis—a complete rebranding of Massachusetts dispensary Garden Remedies—won an award for Integrated Marketing against a huge corporate contender, we knew we had found a niche. From then on, we decided to include working in the Canna Culture along with Lifestyle brands, Food & Beverage industry and the Music Industry.


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The Challenge

Studio Linear, a creative agency, faced challenges in maintaining their old website on Editor X as they scaled their operations. They realized that Editor X was limiting their ability to showcase their full creative potential. The platform's limitations made it difficult for them to update the site content regularly without encountering issues with button styling and responsiveness. This hindered their ability to effectively communicate their brand message and hindered their overall online performance.

The Solution

To address Studio Linear's challenges, we proposed and implemented a solution centered on building their new website using Webflow—a more suitable and flexible platform for their needs. The transition to Webflow allowed us to provide Studio Linear with the tools to manage and update their website effortlessly, without the constraints they faced on their previous platform.

Throughout the process, we encountered and successfully overcame several obstacles. These included resolving issues related to the infinite Select Client drag and disabling unwanted background music that had been disrupting the user experience on their old site. Additionally, we executed a smooth migration of all their existing blog posts to Webflow, ensuring continuity and a seamless user journey for their audience.

The Impact

Following the website transformation on Webflow, Studio Linear experienced remarkable improvements in their online performance and operational efficiency. They can now effortlessly update their portfolio, avoiding the need to double-check their live site for errors or inconsistencies. This increased agility empowers them to showcase their latest projects and effectively engage with their audience.

Furthermore, with the implementation of our robust SEO package, Studio Linear witnessed a significant surge in organic traffic, achieving a staggering 300% increase compared to their previous website. This enhanced visibility in search engine results has opened up new growth opportunities for the agency, expanding their reach and attracting more potential clients.

The Love

In conclusion, the strategic shift from Editor X to Webflow brought about transformative results for Studio Linear. By partnering with us, they now have a website that truly reflects their creative prowess and empowers them to thrive in the competitive digital landscape. The combination of an effortless content management system and a potent SEO strategy has propelled Studio Linear to new heights, solidifying their position as a leading creative agency in the industry.

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