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Nekktar - Transforming Cannabis Container Retail with a Stylish Webflow Solution

Explore the journey of Nekktar's evolution in cannabis container retail, as Socialectric seamlessly transitioned them from Shopify to an elegant Webflow solution. Elevate your online presence with engaging features and streamlined transactions.


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The Challenge

Nekktar, a forward-thinking brand specializing in cannabis storage solutions, faced limitations with their existing Shopify website. The chosen theme didn't align with their evolving product line, and the risk associated with selling cannabis-related products on Shopify prompted the need for a more versatile and personalized platform. The challenge was to create a website that not only showcased their innovative products but also provided a seamless shopping experience, all while maintaining compliance in a sensitive industry.

The Solution

Socialectric teamed up with Studio Linear to address Nekktar's challenges head-on. The first step was to evaluate the feasibility of the provided wireframes and make necessary suggestions to ensure alignment with Nekktar's vision. The new website was built using Webflow, offering the creative freedom needed for a unique design that would set Nekktar apart.

For the backend, Foxy, an eCommerce enhancement add-on, was employed to manage the intricate transactions associated with selling cannabis containers. Monto, a Reviews platform, seamlessly integrated with Webflow and Foxy to showcase customer feedback and build trust.

The transition from Photoshop-designed assets to the web posed a hurdle, but Socialectric's team dedicated their expertise to overcome this challenge, meticulously formatting all elements to ensure a cohesive and visually appealing design. Key features, such as the captivating image flip on hover, a user-friendly sidebar hamburger menu, infinite marquee text, and captivating spinning icons, were implemented across various sections, enhancing user engagement.

The Impact

The transformation was profound. Nekktar's new Webflow website captured the essence of their brand with a sophisticated and stylish design that resonated with their target audience. The image flip on hover and other interactive elements added dynamism, engaging visitors and effectively showcasing the products. The strategic integration of Foxy and Monto streamlined the shopping experience, enabling Nekktar to manage transactions and customer reviews seamlessly.

The Love

Working closely with Nekktar throughout the development process proved to be a rewarding experience. Despite their familiarity with web development, Nekktar expressed enthusiasm for the innovative solutions presented and quickly grasped the intricacies of the new site. Their proactive approach and willingness to collaborate played a pivotal role in the project's success.

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