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Yew Yew

Yew Yew - Elevating the Cannabis Accessories Shopping Experience

Yew Yew's sophisticated smokeware shines through a visually stunning website by Socialectric and Studio Linear. Experience seamless interactions, modern aesthetics, and join a global community celebrating cannabis. Explore the beauty of Yew Yew's new products and embrace a world of style and empowerment.


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The Challenge

Yew Yew, an online cannabis accessories store, faced a significant challenge with their outdated website that no longer reflected their evolving brand identity. Founded in 2017 by Jenny Wichman, Yew Yew aimed to create smokeware that users could proudly display, sparking conversations about how cannabis enriches life. However, the existing website lacked the sleek and modern aesthetic that Yew Yew now embodied. The navigation was unintuitive, and the hovering product images didn't resonate with the brand. With the upcoming launch of new product lines, the need for a complete website overhaul was evident.

The Solution

To address Yew Yew's challenges, Socialectric Media & Business Solutions collaborated with Studio Linear, a cannabis creative studio, to create a new website design. The team sought to encapsulate Yew Yew's unique identity and create a user experience that exuded sophistication and elegance.

  1. Striking Visual Design: Studio Linear crafted a visually stunning design, emphasizing sleek lines and modern aesthetics that contrasted with the traditional masculine look prevalent in the cannabis space. The new design showcased Yew Yew's products as objects of beauty, encouraging visitors to celebrate their cannabis experience.
  2. Smooth and Intuitive Interactions: Yew Yew desired subtle micro-interactions that would enhance the user experience without overwhelming them. Socialectric Media & Business Solutions meticulously implemented these interactions using a custom easing curve, resulting in a smooth and engaging browsing experience.
  3. Responsive Design: Recognizing the significance of mobile browsing, the team prioritized responsive design to ensure the website's seamless functionality across all devices. Fluid typography and a Style Guide system maintained consistency throughout the site, providing a cohesive experience regardless of screen size.
  4. Webflow to Shopify Integration: Leveraging the team's proficiency with Webflow, Socialectric Media & Business Solutions utilized Udesly, a third-party software, to convert the design to Shopify. This approach streamlined the development process and allowed the team to focus on optimizing user experience and site performance.

The Impact

The revamped Yew Yew website had a profound impact on the brand and its online presence. The new website showcased Yew Yew's essence and values, resulting in a surge of positive outcomes.

  1. Increase in Traffic: The launch of the redesigned website led to an astounding 860% increase in website traffic, indicating a higher level of interest and engagement from the audience.
  2. Improved Conversion Rates: With its sleek and intuitive design, the website witnessed a remarkable 19% increase in conversion rates, reflecting the improved user experience and effective calls-to-action.
  3. Positive Customer Feedback: Customers wholeheartedly embraced the changes, praising the products and the website's visual appeal. One customer enthused, "I love this bong. Hits like a dream and is so beautiful. I show it off to everyone."

The Love

Jenny Wichman, the founder of Yew Yew, expressed immense satisfaction and appreciation for the successful outcome. The website design exceeded her expectations, capturing the essence of Yew Yew's mission and vision. The seamless interactions, striking visuals, and elevated user experience resonated with both new and existing customers, solidifying Yew Yew's position in the cannabis accessories market.

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