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New Brew

Our Transformative Website Project for New Brew: Empowering the Power of Plants

Explore how Socialectric empowered New Brew's plant-based mission with a captivating Webflow-Shopify website. 347% sales increase & 4.93% conversion rate. Unveil the transformative journey to educate and inspire responsible use. Embrace the power of plants with New Brew's innovative website.


Food & Drink


Webflow + Shopify


4-6 Weeks




Wix to WebflowSquarespace to WebflowWordpress to WebflowEditor X to WebflowMigration to Webflow


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The Challenge

New Brew's mission to reintroduce plants, such as kratom leaf and kava root, into the drinking ceremony in the US required an eCommerce website that would educate and inform the public about their benefits responsibly. Socialectric was tasked with developing an engaging website based on Studio Linear's design, with animations and micro interactions, while ensuring responsiveness across devices and seamless online selling capabilities.

The Solution

Socialectric skillfully combined the best of Webflow's visual and interaction capabilities with Shopify's back-end, using Shopify Buy Button. The team paid extra attention to detail, bringing Studio Linear's design to life within a tight budget. To address New Brew's need for showcasing shop locations and enabling subscriptions, Socialectric integrated innovative features with ease.

The Impact

Launching the website on time, New Brew experienced a staggering 347% increase in total sales compared to the previous quarter. With an impressive conversion rate of approximately 4.93% on their Shopify store, the site effectively encouraged user engagement and boosted sales.

The Love

The collaboration between Socialectric and New Brew was marked by flexibility, responsiveness, and a shared passion for the transformative potential of plants. Socialectric adeptly handled various client requests, including pop-ups, a scroll-minimizing navigation bar, and an age gate for compliance. The sophisticated "Learn" page, featuring numerous micro interactions, was a testament to the team's dedication.

Socialectric's innovative fusion of Webflow and Shopify delivered an immersive website that not only showcases New Brew's products but also educates users on the responsible and informed use of kratom and kava. By empowering consumers with knowledge, New Brew aims to dispel myths and misconceptions, fostering a culture of responsible consumption. The outstanding results and client satisfaction stand as a testament to Socialectric's expertise and commitment in creating a visually captivating and highly functional eCommerce platform for New Brew's transformative journey.

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