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Wits Academy

Transforming the Wits Website for a Premium Experience

Discover how we transformed the Wits website from NextJS to Webflow, enhancing its premium feel with custom features, improved UX/UI, and seamless content management.


Entertainment & Media




4-6 Weeks




Wix to WebflowSquarespace to WebflowWordpress to WebflowEditor X to WebflowMigration to Webflow


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The Challenge

The Wits website, initially built on NextJS, needed a revamp to match the premium quality of their product offerings. The client preferred using Webflow, and the existing design lacked essential features and content. The project aimed to redesign the website in Figma and develop it in Webflow, addressing limitations with the budget and resolving issues with the external database for their cards. Key features required included a custom slider, custom tab elements, CMS popups, and infinite marquees.

The Solution

We imported the cards into Webflow CMS to utilize custom CMS filters and animations. The entire site was transitioned to Webflow, following an approved Figma design. Some features required external solutions, such as the custom filter and slider, to meet the client's specifications. Our approach ensured a seamless integration of design and functionality, enhancing the overall user experience.

The Impact

The redesigned website met the client's expectations precisely. Launched within the estimated 4-6 weeks, the new site significantly improved the UX/UI, clearly highlighting the unique selling points of the cards and card bundles. As the card game is a native app, the website serves to provide information and support SEO efforts, effectively fulfilling its purpose.

The Love

The client continuously expressed their gratitude for our work. Since the website's launch, there have been no issues reported. Additionally, the client agreed to new scopes of work, appreciating our competitive pricing and proceeding with further enhancements. This positive feedback underscores the success and satisfaction resulting from our collaboration.

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