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About Us

We are a Weblow-only website development agency that can help you translate your design to the web with 1 to 1 accuracy. We say no to low quality work.

How it started

Established in early 2020, Socialectric Media & Business Solutions provides excellent digital solutions for small businesses including web design, web development, and SEO.

We saw positive feedback with our websites built in Webflow. In late 2022, we decided to put all our focus on developing Webflow only sites. Our websites are always responsive, pixel perfect on any uncommon layout, with outstanding performance.

Eric Phung Socialectric Founder and Lead Designer

Eric Phung

Founder & Digital Director

Tran Hoang Vinh Socialectric Web Designer

Vinh Hoang

Lead Developer

Pham Hoang Truc Chi Socialectric Web Designer

Chi Pham

Frontend Developer

We're hiring!

High Quality Webflow Work Guarantee

Pixel-Perfect Delivery

Your Design and the Live-Site 100% match - every time.

Structured Class Naming

Using best practices of Client First & BEM

Responsiveness on all devices

Desktop, Tablet, Mobile and Wide Screens

Pagespeed Optimization

Guaranteed <2sec Pingdom Loading Time.

Advanced Animations

Fancy Web Motion to wow visitors.

SEO Best Practices

Optimized for ranking on Google.

JS, Custom Code & Integrations

Zapier, Airtable, Javascript, APIs... - anything you want

CMS Editor

Edit website content visually with no code.

Training & Support

Helping you unlock the full potential of Webflow.

Custom Solutions
Pixel Perfect
Custom Solutions
Pixel Perfect

Launch More Websites With a Reliable Webflow Developer Team Working Alongside You.

We are a boutique web development agency. We work with small business owners and digital agencies who use websites for their daily operation or simply just marketing websites. We have a talented team, and we can handle everything Webflow related.

We partner up with many creative agencies and digital agencies to help them with the digital side of their businesses. We can turn any designs to fully functioning websites.

We launch and grow businesses that challenge the ordinary


Fuel your business growth with a digital brand strategy.

We work with founders, turning their ideas into something they can wear with pride. Together we’ll take your product to market, establish a brand, and create an experience that works.

Take us through your plans.

Creative Agencies

Refresh your websites and boost sales.

Supporting the growth of your business, we breath new life into the soul of your existing brands. We revitalize identities and bring a focus to services and products as they evolve.

Discover how to get to the next level.

Digital Agencies

Simple process and guarantee completion effortlessly.

We work extensively with individuals and digital agencies around the world to help turning their web design into a beautifully functional website.

Tell us about the challenges you face.

We collaborate with ambitious brands and people.