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About Us

We represent a compact yet proficient web design and development team. Our core mission is to seamlessly translate your design concepts into precise, high-quality web experiences. Quality is our unwavering commitment; we eschew anything less. We harness a spectrum of technologies to facilitate equitable growth opportunities for all entrepreneurs.

Web designer / webflow developer / seo expert

Meet Eric

At Socialectric, your journey from initial inquiry to project completion is personalized and seamless. Eric, our dedicated founder, ensures you receive undivided attention and support throughout. With extensive experience collaborating with design agencies and small business owners across diverse fields, Eric brings visionary insight and clear communication to elevate your project to new heights.


Fuel your business growth with a digital brand strategy.

We work with founders, turning their ideas into something they can wear with pride. Together we’ll take your product to market, establish a brand, and create an experience that works.

Take us through your plans.

Creative Agencies

Refresh your websites and boost sales.

Supporting the growth of your business, we breath new life into the soul of your existing brands. We revitalize identities and bring a focus to services and products as they evolve.

Discover how to get to the next level.

Digital Agencies

Simple process and guarantee completion effortlessly.

We work extensively with individuals and digital agencies around the world to help turning their web design into a beautifully functional website.

Tell us about the challenges you face.

High Quality Webflow Work Guarantee

We launch and grow businesses that challenge the ordinary