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Established in early 2020, Socialectric Media & Business Solutions provides excellent digital solutions for small businesses including web design, web development, and SEO.

Eric Phung Socialectric Founder and Lead Designer

Eric Phung

Founder & Digital Director

Tran Hoang Vinh Socialectric Web Designer

Vinh Hoang

Lead Developer

Pham Hoang Truc Chi Socialectric Web Designer

Chi Pham

Web Designer


Launch More Websites With a Reliable Webflow Developer Team Working Alongside You.

We are a boutique web development agency. We work with small business owners and digital agencies who use websites for their daily operation or simply just marketing websites. We have a talented team, and we can handle everything Webflow related.

We partner up with many creative agencies and digital agencies to help them with the digital side of their businesses. We can turn any designs to fully functioning websites. We have shifted our focus from using multiple platforms such as Wix, Editor X, Squarespace, Shopify, and Wordpress to just Webflow.

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Fuel your business growth with a digital brand strategy.

We work with founders, turning their ideas into something they can wear with pride. Together we’ll take your product to market, establish a brand, and create an experience that works.

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Creative Agencies

Refresh your websites and boost sales.

Supporting the growth of your business, we breath new life into the soul of your existing brands. We revitalize identities and bring a focus to services and products as they evolve.

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Digital Agencies

Simple process and guarantee completion effortlessly.

We work extensively with individuals and digital agencies around the world to help turning their web design into a beautifully functional website.

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Our founder

About Eric Phung

Eric Phung grew up in the busy Saigon, where both of his parents are architects and work for themselves. Long story short, Eric fell in love with web design long before he graduated his degree in Engineering at California State University Long Beach. With his background in design and technology, and his passion to help businesses build their foundation during the digital transformation, and Socialectric was born. Founded in 2020, Socialectric was officially established with one simple vision: To create seamless digital experiences that connect customers to your business through innovative strategies, creative solutions, and optimization.

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