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SASS Brooklyn

Sass Brooklyn - Crafting Cannabis-Infused Chocolate Delights

Hand painted chocolate bonbons. Crafted with SASS. Infused with love.


Food & Drink


Webflow to Wordpress


6-9 Weeks




Wix to WebflowSquarespace to WebflowWordpress to WebflowEditor X to WebflowMigration to Webflow


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The Challenge

Hosting an eCommerce website for a high-risk cannabis merchant presented unique challenges due to stringent regulations and the need for a secure platform. Initially built on Shopify, the discovery of potential risks prompted a last-minute switch to WordPress, requiring seamless adaptation and addressing technical hurdles.

The Solution

To mitigate risks, Socialectric Media and Business Solutions efficiently developed the full website on Webflow before transitioning it to WordPress. They collaborated with Udesly support to find solutions for any issues encountered during the export process. A careful selection of high-risk payment gateway and shipping providers ensured compliance with cannabis-related product regulations.

The Impact

The successful transition to WordPress allowed Sass Brooklyn to launch their visually captivating eCommerce website smoothly. The side menu bar, asymmetrical content grid, sticky product page, and custom product filter significantly enhanced the user experience. The secure platform and compliant setup provided the client with peace of mind and reduced the risk of potential fines.

The Love

Sass Brooklyn expressed their enthusiasm and satisfaction with the final website. The team's dedication and ability to navigate the challenges of the cannabis industry left a lasting impression. The seamless implementation of Webflow's design to WordPress, coupled with essential features, provided Sass Brooklyn with an engaging platform to showcase their creative cannabis-infused chocolate bonbons.

Website SEO and Privacy

The client had a unique request regarding SEO and privacy. They opted not to implement website SEO to ensure only their Instagram followers could access and shop on the website. To achieve this, a password-protected page was added, effectively preventing Google indexing. While this approach may seem unorthodox, it is not illegal. It is a privacy measure that restricts general search engine visibility, making the website accessible only to a select audience with the password.

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