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What We Do

We provide website design, development, and SEO services to startups, consulting agencies, creative agencies, and small businesses worldwide.

Website Design

A complete website design service that capture your business goal through UX/UI design.

Information Architecture (Sitemap)
Content Framework
Client Questionaires
Moodboard Design
Style Guide Setup
Wireframe Design

Website Development

Build any kind of design from personal portfolio, booking, membership, and any eCommerce sites.

Responsive on All Devices
Standard Web Animation/Interaction
Pixel Perfect Development
Cross-Browser Compatibility
Content Upload
Connect Domain and Launch

Website Development Plan


Access the resources you need to boost your digital presence.


One month

Great for individuals and small businesses with small needs

Standard Support
1 Project/Limited Task (Max 2 Hours/4 Tasks/MO)
4-6 Days Average Turnaround Time
Collaboration through
Standard Quality Assurance
Pause/Cancel Anytime


One quarter minimum

Great for new startup businesses with established products/services.

Standard Support
Unlimited Projects/Tasks
2-4 days Average Turnaround Time
Collaboration through Clickup & Slack
Strict Quality Assurance
Pause/Cancel Anytime


TWO quarter minimum

Great for established businesses who need continuous support

Priority Support + Expert Tips
Unlimited Projects/Tasks
1-2 days Average Turnaround Time
Collaboration through Clickup & Slack
Strict Quality Assurance
Pause/Cancel Anytime
* Our Schedule Varies on Public Holidays

Custom Website Development

We will develop your website design exactly how you have it on Figma!

Custom Website

Get a Quote
Unlimited Pages
Expedited Delivery Time
Design Recommendations
Priority Support
Strict Quality Assurance
Advanced CMS Capabilities
Custom Animation/Interaction
Responsive on All Devices
Accessibility Standard
Fluid Typography
Low/No-Code Integration
Advanced On-Page SEO

Refer a Friend & Earn

10% Commission

Send an email to to qualify.

* Include 3 revisions, client training, Standard SEO, Webflow Hosting SetUp, and 30 days warranty post handoff.


We offer fixes and task updates for any of the following platforms including Squarespace, Wix, Editor X, Wix Studio, Shopify, and Webflow.

Webflow Maintenance

$990 $1100

SAVE 10%

20-hour unlimited web update and maintenance with priority support and quick turnaround.

3-5 Days Turnaround
Unlimited Websites
Unlimited Tasks
Unlimited Content Updates
Task-Tracking Dashboard
No Contracts, Pause or Cancel anytime

On-Page SEO


Advanced on-page SEO optimization for any website types that guarantee results.

Up to 10 Pages
1-2 Weeks Turnaround
Metadata Optimization
Technical SEO
Performance Optimization
Keyword & Competitor Research

Our Clients Said It All

"I sought expert help to enhance and perfect the SEO for my newly launched website. Socialectric came highly recommended by Webflow, and Eric reached out to me without delay. From the beginning, Eric exuded professionalism, making me feel completely comfortable during our initial online consultation. He had a clear grasp of my needs and the strategy required. His delivery was outstanding and within the allocated budget. The final outcome was exceptional, leaving me thoroughly satisfied. I wholeheartedly endorse Eric and his team for their services and eagerly anticipate future collaborations."

Sheree Gibbs
Director Sales and Marketing

"Working with Eric and the Socialectric team has been an incredible experience. They're great at collaborating, providing guidance and creating us a wonderful website. Their exceptional skills ensure that our needs are not only understood but also executed promptly and effectively."

Laura Lian Williams
Co-Founder + Creative Director

"The service from Eric and his team has been outstanding and has made the process of developing the site to the standard we needed very easy throughout every stage. I would highly recommend his services and look forward to developing our site further with him."

Thomas Tanikie
Design Assistant at Arch KBB UK

"I needed SEO completed to bring my site over the finish line and Eric totally delivered. He audited the site, optimized every little detail, and gave me clear directions of how to move forward. He's absolutely a trusted professional who delivers on his promises."

Karen Allen
Keynote Speaker | Growth Mindset Thought Leader | Creator of Stop & Shift | Founder of 100% Human™️ community

"Thank you Eric. It’s been great working with you, too. The site looks so good. Ifyou require a testimonial for Socialectric just let me know!"

Marsha Folkoff
Digital Sales & Marketing, Singapore Business Vietnam Association

"Eric and his team are skilled, efficient and affordable. I have had Eric working on all aspects of a website build, code, forms, SEO, etc. His turnaround is fast and his work is excellent. Anytime I asked for a change, he was completely willing and helpful. I continue to work with him on a variety of projects… he is now my go to IT man! Thank you Eric and team!"

Gayle Olson
CEO & Founder, Euphoria Retreats

"On a good note, I have a call with Jan this morning to finish up her site. We will be invoicing hopefully today for this. Thank you so much!! I am so grateful that we connected."

Andrea Beaulieu
CEO & Founder, Studio Linear

We Get Asked These Questions Often

How much should I spend on a website project?

The outcome of your website project will depend on your goals and budget. We can allocate more resources to help you achieve your goals, if needed. There is no one-size-fits-all pricing for websites. A $500 website will be different from a $5,000 website. Let us help you determine how much you should spend on your website by considering your revenue goal and what is needed to achieve it.

What's the best way to build custom elements?

With a reference from an existing website, image, or other source, we can review your request and provide a quote. Some elements may be challenging, but we are committed to helping you achieve your goals.

What are the prerequisites for a successful web development project?

To ensure the best outcome for your custom website development, please provide us with your brand guidelines, style guide, dev note, and any other relevant documents.

How will you handle changes to the scope of the project?

We offer 3 free rounds of revisions for all projects and tasks. If the scope of the project changes (meaning the outcome is different from what was originally agreed upon), we will provide you with a quote and wait for your approval before proceeding. As your business grows, some of the elements that were discussed initially may no longer be relevant, and it is perfectly normal to request new changes.

What is your response time for maintenance and support requests?

Communication is essential to our success. We are committed to providing excellent customer service and responding to all inquiries promptly. You can expect a response to your email or Slack message within 12 hours. Once we have confirmed your request, we will typically complete the task within 1-3 days.

Why should I work with Socialectric for my website?

We have worked on many Webflow sites where developers did not follow any standards or best practices. This can make it difficult and time-consuming to maintain and update the site. Our focus is to ensure that your website is easy to maintain and follow, which also makes it SEO friendly and easier for you to manage yourself.