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DTE Wellness Center

Transforming Wellness Online: A Journey from Editor X to Webflow with Socialectric

Welcome to DTE Wellness Center where we've reimagined health care in a way that benefits YOU and prioritizes your well-being.


Health & Fitness




4-6 Weeks




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The Challenge

Down to Earth Wellness Center's journey with Socialectric began in September 2021 when Dylan, the owner, sought assistance with his Editor X website. After facing Editor X bugs and challenges, Dylan expressed interest in transitioning to a more reliable platform. The Socialectric team guided Dylan through the transition to Webflow, aiming to create a responsive and easily editable website. Dylan's familiarity with Photoshop allowed him to articulate his vision clearly, setting the stage for a collaborative design process.

The Solution

Socialectric recognized key issues with the existing site's navigation and styling consistency. Leveraging Dylan's organized vision notes, the team opted to build wireframes in Figma, ensuring a unified design approach. Once the design received client approval, Socialectric brought it to life in Webflow. The focus wasn't solely on aesthetics; micro interactions were integrated to enhance user engagement. This meticulous attention to detail aimed to provide a seamless and interactive user experience.

The Impact

Since the launch of the new website, DTE Wellness Center has enjoyed over a year of successful online presence. Dylan's partnership with Socialectric extended beyond the project's completion, with the agency acting as his dedicated IT team. The time zone advantage enabled efficient collaboration – Dylan's evening notes aligned with Socialectric's morning, resulting in swift updates. This seamless workflow allowed for quick implementation of changes and adjustments, fostering a responsive and dynamic online platform for DTE Wellness Center.

The Love

Dylan's experience with Socialectric has been exceptional. His ongoing collaboration with the agency demonstrates the mutual trust and satisfaction that has been established. The website not only met his expectations but also provided an effective solution for his business needs. Socialectric's commitment to delivering high-quality work and maintaining an efficient workflow has solidified their relationship with Dylan as one of their valued and appreciative clients.

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