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May 22
Web Design
Eric Phung

Why Custom Webflow site is more Expensive than Editor X ?

Just saw the price plan of Webflow and wondering why it’s much more expensive than Editor X? Here are all explanations and comparisons of Editor X vs Webflow. 

Why Custom Webflow site is more Expensive than Editor X ?


Webflow and some of its counterparts like Editor X basically are all visual website builders. Before considering other elements, we must state that all are great solutions for saving time & effort to create a website. It’s a solid tool to make the most of your website without costing an arm and a leg for hiring developers. 

But why is there a great gap between the price plan of Webflow vs Editor X? In today's article, we’ll uncover the main differences between these 2. It will include pros - cons and who each tool will be best for. 

With no further ado, let’s dive right in! 

Let’s talk about Editor X first! 

If you haven’t known, Editor X is based on Wix. So it’s a website-building platform with a drag & drop interface and hundreds of professionally made templates. It’s aiming at helping people to build a professional website without paying the massive cost & time. Editor X is a more upscale version of Wix, which provides you with more freedom to customize your website. 

In simpler words, Editor X is the starting point for anyone:

  • Quite familiar with using website builders/ non-professional developers
  • Needs flexibility in website design and don’t want to be framed into plain templates
  • Wants to save cost & build a website from scratch.

Explore the Pros & Cons of Editor X

Pros first:

Customizable: Editor X allows you to bring most of your website desire to life. With Editor X,  you can modify and adjust elements to look how you like in the drag-drop interface. You can insert graphics, animation to enhance the interaction on your site. It’s hard to deny the comfort of Editor X when it comes to customizing a site.

Plugins: Since Editor X is a part of Wix, you can get full access to its market. You can choose & add plugins to extend your site function on a broader level.

Advance SEO tools: Not many website builders could allow you to edit meta- or URL to serve the SEO purpose. Meanwhile, Editor X, as it’s an improvement builder, lets you work with less limitations around SEO. 

Templates: You’ll get access to nearly a thousand website templates in the Wix library. All of them are professionally made, so you can just jump in and use them right away. This makes designing a website much simpler than ever. 

Analytics & report: Wix tools on this aspect are quite decent for casual use. Thus its premium plan allows you to integrate with Google Analytics for a better understanding of users' behavior and tracking results. 

Never lose your past work: One of the things we really love about Editor X is its ability to save full version history. This is extremely handy when you want to opt for the previous version, or in case of emergency. 

Now it’s the Cons:

Advance, but not actually: The site is targeting advanced users, not beginners. However, it doesn’t have enough flexibility and customizing with code for big projects. It is also quite limited when it comes to how you could be creative in designing. 

Customer support: This aspect is what we believe should be improved the most. As most users require instant support, the current Editor X flow is not very comfortable and useful. 

Editing code: Just like most website builders, editing and integrating code is absolutely impossible. That’s where Editor X encounters its limit. This will prevent advanced users from adding a personal touch, or required elements for large projects. 

Can’t access Wix’s editor: When opting for Editor X, you can’t toggle back with the basic ones. As we highly appreciate the normal version of the Wix utilizer, this is quite a drawback from our experience.

Now it’s about Webflow

We’ve already made a blog about Webflow from head to toe. You can just click here and walk through it in detail. Here, we’ll explain why Webflow is the perfect option for professional users. But for simple understanding, Webflow is pretty overkill and has many functions over other counterparts. After reading this, you’ll get why its price plan is much more expensive compared to Editor X. 

Seamless web design & development experience

Unlike other no-code website builders, Webflow closes the gap between design & coding. Since other platforms just allow you to drag & drop, Webflow actually codes for you, while you work with visual elements. 

You won’t be limited by templates, thus don’t have to deal with the longing process of normal development. All can be done within Webflow. 

Load faster, create a better experience

When considering Webflow vs Editor X, you can see that Editor X doesn’t allow you to touch their code. That’s when they could add unnecessary code to your site. Or in the making, you forget to delete some elements. These all will slow down your website load time and make users feel uncomfortable when experiencing it. Meanwhile, Webflow will skip and clean all that. 

Adding complex interaction with ease

There is plenty of incredible interaction you could make through. We’re not hyping things up when saying Webflow is the tool for an interactive experience. It’d be great for a more complex project for clients and add some wow effect for users. However, you won’t have to have coding experience to make it happen once you’ve got Webflow. 

User-friendly CMS tool

If you’ve been struggling with CMS on other platforms, then Webflow will ease you out. Minimal dashboard, on-page editing, you can get what you need instantly. This platform will also close the gap between content creating and design by empowering creators with many of its functions.

Custom SEO settings

When comparing the SEO setting of Webflow vs Editor X, we would prefer Webflow a bit more. Quick & easy access to on-page SEO settings, automatic update meta & description for defined content, those are absolutely handy for creators and clients.

Control & editing code

The top-tier reason to use Webflow over other sites is its ability to fully control coding. Professionals can create websites from scratch by taking advantage of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You can export code from Webflow and integrate it to other platforms in case you need it. But in most cases, Webflow potential is great enough to use with medium to large projects. 

So, which should you choose? 

‍ If you’re a freelancer that wants a portfolio site or small business to make your first step through the market. Or if you don’t need many functions or are concerned with coding, then Editor X is your choice. 

However, if you want a more serious website interaction and function, then Webflow is your way to go. Even if it has a much pricier range than its counterpart, Webflow is incredible to use for professional developers with greater function.