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Nov 26
Web Design
Eric Phung

Is Wix Studio Replacing Editor X?

Wix Studio merges Editor X and traditional Wix platforms, offering a stable, high-performance solution tailored for agencies and freelancers.

 Is Wix Studio Replacing Editor X?
Starting in mid-October, we’ll open Wix Studio to agencies and freelancers everywhere. Before that we’re giving access to those who joined the waitlist.

Like we’ve mentioned before, Editor X is transitioning to Wix Studio. Once we open Studio fully, we’ll also close new sign-ups to Editor X.

If you’re still creating on Editor X, you can continue at the moment. We’ll gradually open up the option to migrate Editor X sites to Wix Studio over several weeks starting in December. Once migration is available for everyone, we’ll close the option to create new sites on Editor X. You’ll have loads of notice and all the details before that happens.

We know a lot of you also asked for a migration tool for Wix to Wix Studio, but it’s currently not in our plans for 2024. Our top priority is to continue making Wix Studio the ultimate platform for your needs—with the best performance and creation experience possible.

There’s loads more in the pipeline we can’t wait to share—a Wix Studio certification, the opportunity to create and sell templates and much more. So stay tuned.

And finally, a big thanks from all of us who are working on Wix Studio. Keep your questions, feedback, and incredible creations coming.

It's the official message from Wix to all Wix Partners (Yes, we work with lots of Editor X clients). This means Wix Studio will replace both Editor X and traditional Wix platforms, merging all users into Wix Studio.

Editor X was released in the early 2020, with the goal to allow users to "experience the future of website design with responsive layouts, CSS precision and smooth drag and drop." However, there were many instances where things didn't work, especially with the breakpoint adjustment. Besides some of the bugs, we felt that most Wix customers were not familiar with how the web actually works and it wasn't the best platform for them to work on.

Wix took us by surprise again in August 2023 with their all-new platform, Wix Studio. Wix Studio has a mixture of both Wix and Editor X, and the product seems a lot more stable and high performance. You can learn more about Wix Studio here.

Wix took a dramatic turn with Wix Studio, by re-position themselves toward agencies and freelancers who would use Wix Studio to design and build websites for their clients. We think Wix has had enough data to know that no matter how intuitive their platform is, there's always the need for experts. Instead of trying to educate their customers, they focus on the experts to help bringing their new platform to the world, thanks to their experience with Editor X.

At the end of the day, we wouldn't say Editor X was a failed move from Wix, it actually paved the way for further innovation and better products in the future. There are still a lot of work to be done with Wix Studio to bring it to somewhat the same level as Webflow. Yet, we need to take into account their target audience since the two platforms are very different and would attract different types of users.

In short, yes, Wix Studio will replace both Editor X and Wix by 2024. This merger will allow Wix to focus on Wix Studio and build something great.