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Dec 11
Eric Phung

Website for Small Business: 13 Terrible Disadvantages of Not Having a Website in 2021

Why do you need a website for small business in 2021? Why is it important to have a website? 13 most essential reasons that you should focus on website design. What is the downside of not having a website now?

Website for Small Business: 13 Terrible Disadvantages of Not Having a Website in 2021

Website for small business is showing its importance more and more every day. As the world is now evolving around the digital world, it’s hard to not have an eye on expanding your business online. A web page is a brilliant space to build your identity, showing your credit and allowing people to come at any time. And as Bill Gates said, “If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business.” This is the time you should be more active than ever on the digital land to get that profit, conversion, or sales that you want.

But what if you’ve already heard so much about all of its merits, yet you still find that not convincing enough? Let us show you the truth of all the disadvantages you’ll meet once you’re not having a website in 2021. From that, you’ll see how far a few bucks of investment could lead you to, and probably you’ll think again. 

1. Your competitor has it.

Yes, we can totally assure you about this. All the big companies, all the professional competitors you’re looking up to are all having websites. Why do they have to? Did you know that most of your customers start their buying process by searching and getting recommendations from their social networks? 


And it’s just a click of a mouse for them to move from Google search to a business website that’s just got recommended. It’s their privilege to go and have a look at all the online stores to see what’s going on. But that’s not everything they did online. People tend to look for reviews, testimonials, or other materials about what they’re searching for. 

Could you imagine what would happen if you’re not visible online and be a part of their journey? Without a website for small business, you’re telling them to go and buy from others.

2. Low Google Search rankings.

We have seen many businesses choose not to have a website, and their reason is that social media is enough to handle all the work. But do they publish their products' price tags, do they make it convenient to reach out? And could they appear in high rankings of Google search? 

There are many possibilities, and not having a website is not the wise choice for small businesses. Since you’re small, you would want to be seen as much as you could with the lowest cost. Advertising on social media has never been cheap, and you know it. 


So why not have a website for small business, optimize with SEO and get better rankings? From that, you can serve your customers anytime, anywhere. With the right investment plan, not only will it cost you little, but bring bigger profits that you’re working hard to have. 

3. Not satisfying your customers’ need.

As a customer/ user, no one wants to constantly message a business on social media to ask for more info and prices of several products. If people see that it's an inconvenience for them, they will leave and find another business to replace. 


With online business, people will expect to know more about the brand they’re buying from. How and when did you start, your product quality, what services you’re offering them, and so many more. And this, to be honest, social media can’t beat the potential of a website. When people could get this info just in one click on a site, you’re telling them to crawl and dig for it in your social posts? 

We haven’t mentioned online support, could you afford the 24/7 services on media? A website could. Users could be searching online keywords, get to see your blogs, reviews, products, and anytime. And if they’re hooked, they can just buy directly from your site. You’ll be waking up seeing new orders, not hurriedly trying to answer all the messages of last night on your social site. 

4. Less chance to create brand awareness.

Just like being the new kid in the block, people have a very slim chance of knowing anything about you. And this is the time you show yourself, let the world notice you, hear from you. How would you do it without the proper tool that’s ready for a showcase 24/7? Yup, you need a website, my dear. Creating awareness is one of the very first steps of the marketing funnel. Therefore, the more people see you or hear your message, the more likely they’re to purchase from you. Would you love to make a positive impact on your potential customers? 


To boost your brand awareness, you should be ready to work on websites for small businesses as soon as you can. Then, you could always write more blogs, helpful advice, videos to attract your users’ clicks. 

5. You are missing out on organic traffic.

If you’re not showing yourself up in the net, you’re definitely missing a whole lot of organic traffic. As a small business owner, showing up on high ranks in Google Search is a dream. Not only it gives you the perfect, sweet opportunities to dramatically boost your sales, but you’ll be seen by a lot more users. As long as you have great Google ranks, even if you don’t put much investment into advertising, you can still expect good results. 


And since your website is not just all about selling products, writing blogs is a great way to attract your users' attention. Don’t forget to put relevant keywords into your writings in the smoothest way you possibly can. It will increase your traffic incredibly. 

6. Trust and conversion from a website for small business.

After a long time working in the business industry, we figured out that the best way to boost your users’ trust is to give them your priority. Putting their experience above anything else, do anything you could to fulfill their needs. And to show that on your website, you should show that you care in every smallest detail. 


From answering all the questions they have before clicking on your site, to give them the smooth, no-fuss experience. As long as people see that you put a lot of effort into satisfying them, they will give you their trust. Although it’s not easy work, a website for small business is the absolute tool you must take advantage of. Without a good website, we just couldn’t imagine how to show all your works and care. 

7. How would you attract new customers without a website for small business? 

Whether your business is big or small, never say no to new customers. The more you have, the bigger the profit and reputation. Although it’s hard to attract new and interested customers, thus never think that they would come to you naturally. By all means, a website could be one of the best marketing tools you have in hand. 


To attract new customers, let them know what you could give or benefit them in some ways. Whether you have the great products they’re searching for, or you’ll solve their problems for free. Or maybe you’re having the best price and customer service. Let them know why they should choose you instead of your rivals. Polish that all up and stay true to what you promise them. Give them exclusive access to know more about your brand, your business. We promise you, it will attract much more customers than ever. 

8. Could you enhance users' experience?

User experience is not an element that you could improve in a blink of an eye. It’s a meticulous process that requires a lot of observation and care. However, a fully satisfied customer surely will bring you much more profit than ever. As long as you give them what they need, just imagine the stories they would tell their friends and family. 


In our point, a website for small business needs to be easy to use and helpful. To achieve this, you have to work on your website design, content, and development. Give them a user-friendly interface, helpful content and the incredible site loading speed, and voila. You could now have the potential to get in their favorite brand list. Personally, we always love an easy-to-navigate site. Finding your desired products in just seconds, how could we resist that kind of convenience? 

9. It’s not easy to keep your customers’ loyalty.

Repeat customers always give you much more sales than first-timers. As new customers, people will always try to ensure the quality with small orders first. Once they’re back to you, you know they're gonna give you quite a boost. 


To increase their loyalty, nothing works well like honesty, respect, appreciation, and care. Besides high-quality service and product, you can also give them extra special offers and a personal-custom newsletter. It shows that you notice who regularly buys from you and truly cares about them. 

Another thing you could do on a website for small business is to establish a feedback page. Give your customers chances to write reviews, be completely transparent even with negative feedback. Don’t forget to reply to all those feedbacks, it shows that you are eager to improve and appreciate every single customer.

10. What’s the better place to show all your offers? 

Since it’s the time of the internet, where could be better than a website to showcase your discounts. We know that every time you go on sale, make offers, it means you want to attract more customers and lead to revenue. Without a website and digital marketing, how could you reach all your target customers? 


Highlight your promotions and offers, giving your customers the comfort of being spoiled with great deals. With a little boost with Google Display Network or Youtube ads, you’re set to reach hundreds, if not thousands of users. See how much potential your business could have? If it’s not for a website, how could we make that happen with ease? 

11. Couldn’t inform your customers with the latest updates. 

The digital world never stops running, no matter if it's 8 PM or 4 in the morning. This gives you the advantages of instant communication. Customers can know immediately when you release new products or hosting a clearance sale. The idea of having immediate access to a business’s offer is actually really tempting. And the faster you let people know about your updates, the better. As long as it benefits your customers, they'll be more likely to purchase from you.


12. Worldwide accessibilities? Say no to that without a website.

Traditional advertising is too costly, yet you’re eager to attract customers from all over the world? It could only happen once you have a website for small business. There are no limitations in timezone or geography anymore. With a properly designed website, serving international customers is no longer a problem anymore. If you’re still arguing that the cost is higher than the benefit of a website for small business, maybe it’s time to think again. 


13. Digital marketing is the real future.

It’s no longer the time of traditional marketing. Advertising on newspaper, television or any sort of print ads is now too expensive, especially to small businesses. Thus, you can’t track the efficiency of these campaigns and will be less likely to know how much you could get back. 


However, with digital marketing, you can unlock the full potential of your marketing campaign. With modern technologies, you can get detailed reports to track your cost, control target audiences and improve your sales. By then a website for small businesses is the perfect gateway to get into the digital world. Having a website means you’re now available on Google search, allowing users to know about your existence. With the right optimizing techniques, you could achieve a lot of accomplishments in the long run, starting with a website.

We hope that all of those disadvantages are enough to give you a full look at what you’re missing when running a business without a website. And we hope that all we have stated above could convince some of you. If you’re now wanting to know more about websites for small businesses, stay around. We have plenty for you to learn from.