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Jun 1
Web Design
Eric Phung

UX UI Designer: All Reasons To Have One On-Board Right Now

UXUI designer, what do they do exactly? With an innovative brand that requires further help with website and app design, it’s essential to have a UXUI designer on board. But more than just that, how could you tell if your business actually needs one? Here is every reason for you to hire a UXUI designer.

UX UI Designer: All Reasons To Have One On-Board Right Now

“UXUI designer” is the highest demand keyword every business searching for at the moment. Due to the development of the Internet of Things, User Experience and User Interface are now being a vital part that businesses can’t sleep on. They’re silently closing the gap between users and creators while offering a seamless ultimate experience to users. Those talents work on tackling both the feeling of a digital product, thus its effectiveness and accessibility. 

But if you’re having no idea when and how to hire a UXUI designer on board, let us give you some help. In this article, we’ll give the stage to UI UX designers, from showing their actual roles and how would they help with your business. Come on in, the show is about to begin. 

Get to know all the basics

To truly understand the scope of UXUI designer, first, we must get to know what is UX UI design, how do they function and what are the main components. Based right on this information, you can tell the differences and purpose of each aspect. We know there is a lot to learn about the digital world these days, but as entrepreneurs, you’ll have to learn about them all. Be ready, there are quite a lot of new terms waiting ahead. 

1. What is UI? 

The user interface, or as we’ve always known as UI design, is everything you see on a website or application. It’s all about the graphical layout and in-depth design, consisting of every button you click on, every image or slideshow you see. A UI designer job could even cover animation and interaction on-page. Their job is a meticulous process with graphics, colors, typeface, and shapes used on a website layout. In other words, people who work in UI design must take care of a webpage look and feel. 


UI design is strongly related to graphic design, where designers have to create attractive aesthetics and great visuals. Thus, they also need to make sure the layout is connected, looking nice, and could be able to sharpen the brand’s personality on numerous platforms. 

2. What is UX? 

UX means User Experience. This term is much more common than UI, so you might have encountered it once or twice. To make it simpler for you, try to answer this question. When you first click on a website, do you notice how everything interacts under your mouse’s click? How the webpage interacts with users, speed, the smoothness of animation, and other things are all related to UX design. People who work with UI also take care of a web’s interface, but more about its operation instead of graphics. Or we can cut it short, and clarify that UX design is all about the function of a website, how everything works. As long as a user feels nice scrolling through your site, then the task of the UX designer is fulfilled. 


Another common question is do UX designers need to code. As they’re taking care of an application or site’s function, they’ll have their hand on coding quite a bit. However, this doesn’t mean that those guys aren’t artistic. 

3. UXUI designer main focus: 

After we’ve got to know the UI UX designer, now let’s have a look at the key components in their job.

  • Information architecture: This is also known as designing a site’s information structure. Much more detailed than a sitemap, IA is used to satisfy the need of businesses to showcase their details thus users' requirement of this info. 
  • Interaction design: As users, we often forget that every action on a webpage must be meticulously designed. Interaction design controls how a site would interact with users, by working with color, fonts, icon, motion, sound, and placement of graphics,… Either you could make some great satisfaction or some horrible reaction to your users with interaction design.
  • Visual communication: human satisfaction also comes from visual aesthetics, although it alone is not enough. But who doesn’t love a website with cool visuals? Visual communication is a vital part of web UX UI since it can interfere with user’s behavior dramatically. Visual communication also serves the purpose of branding and identification as well. 
  • Wireframing: When a UXUI designer wants to test out all the features, visuals, and interaction right before launching, they will use wireframing. It’s an effective way to make sure everything is running smoothly instead of publishing it to the public first. 
  • Usability: How users would think when they use your website, is it simple or hard, and everything following. That’s usability. Some of the critical features include easy navigation, error solving, user-friendly design, and so on. 
  • Prototyping: This is the experimental process of making sketches turning into digital design. This will help both designers, developers, and even the clients get to know the concept better and see how users would react. Prototyping is the best way to refine your web or application at ease. 

4. When do you need a UXUI designer?

Figuring out when you’d need a UI UX designer is actually a much simpler task than you think. As the business grows, its demands for expanding and satisfying more customers also increase. Since more and more brands find it’s crucial to make their customers feel good in every experience, they’ll come to UI UX designer. There is no chance you could go elsewhere in this digital-oriented world. 


So if you’re asking how do you know it’s time for UXUI, then here is the simplest answer. As long as you want to improve your revenue, users’ feeling, and connection between you and customers, then it’s always the right time to start with web UX UI. Stop hesitating, it’s high time you catch the wave and give more to your customers! 

Why do you need to hire a UXUI designer? 

UX UI design has now been the top priority of many brands, from the giants to young entrepreneurs. To make the most of this advanced technology, turning a website into a satisfaction generator, you’ll need a UXUI designer. But to be exact, how would a UXUI designer help with your business? At the end of the day, when you’d want a UX UI designer on board, you’ll need to give the rationale to your boss or even your co-founder. Let us give you some help! 

1. Boost customers satisfaction


More than just great design, your website or application must consist of attractive content, navigation, and quick response interaction. All of those combine to create a complete user’s experience when they engage on your website or app. The more joyful you make this journey, the more satisfied your users will be. So from several web visitors, you could now have a decent amount of customers who are willing to stick around even more. That circulation gives your business a steady flow of revenue, as long as you could keep your users happy with every experience. 

Thus in the digital world, there’s nothing that influences users' behavior more than the experience they have on a website or application. One happy customer could lead to a thousand if you’re making it right! 

2. Get to know your audiences better:

If in the previous time, when you want to develop a website, you’ll have to understand the needs of your users first. And even though there are some facts you could pick out, most of this info is not 100% useful. 


When you publish online, there is nothing that can tell for sure that you’re reaching those specific target audiences. However, with UXUI design, you can segment your audience into separate groups. This helps you to understand their needs and requirements much better. It also allows you to refine your design to match their desire, creating a better experience instantly. And like we’ve all known, the great experience could lead to actual sales within a minute! 

3. Builds your brand awareness


Efficient UI UX design not only gives you happy audiences but also leaves a stronger footprint of your brand in users’ minds. Everyone loves buying, reading, and even being loyal to brands that make them happy. Keep in mind this, you’re not only trying to build your brand, but you’re also trying to create a community. This is when people could openly give you their opinion on what to improve and what to continue. A good relationship with users is the best way to upgrade your brand awareness. Don’t just let people say they only heard about you once. Make them remember the perfect, seamless, and joyful online experience. Thus, a little bit more credibility only showers you with more advantages! 

4. Save time & much more money 


With a good UXUI designer, you’ll worry much less about your website’s flaws or errors. When everything is going well & decent from its first moment, you’ll see that it requires much fewer resources to upgrade. Even at first, the process of developing UX UI design could take a little bit longer, but the result is always worth it. Without investing in upgrades and fixing small flaws, your team can save a lot of time & money. You can now use this money for a bigger project to reinvest in your business. Trust us, when a good UXUI designer comes on board, it’ll be a life-changing experience for you. 

5. Make your web/app user-friendly


The most important feature that gives your brand and product more credit is its accessibility. Or in other words, how user-friendly your web or app could be. This could include responsive design, loading speed, and the adaptive variation of browsers. Sounds like a lot of work to do, and it really is! But all those work to get the loyalty from your visitors and turn clicks into real revenue, then it’s all worth it! 

6. Boost your business development

Last but not least, business growth. It’s the thing every business owner cares about and always wants to master. As UX UI design mainly concentrates on user satisfaction and enjoyment, it’s begun to be crucial for every business. When we’re standing in a visitor's point of view, a good, on-point website that runs smoothly is what we need. From a business owner’s view, as long as you can upgrade the brand value and create loyal customers, then it’s all worthy. 


The need for UXUI design is getting crazier than ever. People want to build reputations, happiness, and trust within the best of time, all of which, would lead to actual sales. By adopting UX UI web design, you’re making greater exposure to new users, while still learning from every click of them. It has been a significant part of website development, and you know it won’t ever stop. 


UXUI designer is an extremely crucial part of your IT team, especially when you’re developing a website or application. Since we all want the product to be successful and get great attention from audiences, we have to admit that interface and experience play a vital role that can’t be missed. So if you want to tackle all the features that could unlock users’ satisfaction, UXUI design is incredibly important. 

To answer the question of whether you should have a UXUI designer on board, you must have a look at your business purpose once again. With some brands that strongly invest in technology or e-commerce, then hiring a UX UI designer is the best choice. With smaller businesses, sometimes you just need a good UX UI agency or freelancers. After knowing all the aspects of UX UI design, we hope that you can decide for your business. But no matter what you choose, don’t ever underestimate the power of the user interface and user experience. 

If you want to learn more about web design, especially UX UI for small business websites, then stay in touch with us! We’ll have regular blog posts about these subjects, stay tuned!