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Dec 31
Web Design
Eric Phung

Hero Section Examples That You Can Use Instantly for Your Website

Some best hero section examples that will instantly improve the visual of your website. Using video, graphics, or images and creating an attractive hero section are all critical to trigger user experience. Here are undoubtedly samples & all the good practices.

Hero Section Examples That You Can Use Instantly for Your Website

Even when you do not realize it completely, you judge a website by how you judge people you first met. The first look always matters; your opinion only takes less than a second to form and hardly ever changes. That’s also mostly how all people on this planet react to your website. This means you must ensure your site's hero section is as appealing as possible. And here, we have some hero section examples that you can steal immediately without a blink of an eye.

This article will give you hero section examples and include many tips on what you should do. So keep your eyes up; lots of information is coming through.

Why are hero sections so important? 

As we have mentioned previously, hero images keep users interested and eager to explore more of your website. A full-screen, massive image they land on when first opening a website is the best way to grab their attention. Here, it would be best to let them know the brand’s name and unique selling point and build instant brand images & ideas. To top it off, sometimes you can use real human images here to create an emotional connection & trust toward users. 

But any visual elements you use, whether a photograph, a graphic design, or a high-dynamic video, should serve one goal only. To make people interested, make them curious, and keep them scrolling down for more, and that’s all. And based on that, along with other elements on your website, you can hopefully have people purchase your products. 

But such simple tasks require great work in creative, design, interactive, and even psychology. So let’s take a deep look into our hero section examples, and see what we can do! 

Hero section examples that are eye-catching

Parallax and Scrolling animation

Animation is our top-tier choice for us when it comes to creating outstanding interactive hero images. While parallax is an optical illusion that makes objects closer to us seem faster, its result in website design is pure magic. However, too much of a good thing is a bad thing. It would be best if you impressed, not overwhelm your users with a bunch of movements & elements. 

Another fascinating animation that we always love for hero section examples is the scrolling effect. It could loop people in and make them more interested in scrolling for a cooler, more engaging experience. And the good thing about it is you can use scrolling through websites of many industries. 

Dynamic background video

Alright, here we are, serving the real feast for customers' eyes. A video is a captive way to express your unique selling points, evoke emotion, and create brand imprints. And currently, on the internet, people will stop for an automatically played video on a higher ratio than images. But, in fact, Forbes did make research showing that video can boost conversion rates by 80% and highly influence their decision. 

But by using video, you should always ensure it’s in high-quality resolution but packed enough to load smoothly and instantly. 

Play with Typography

Hero section examples we’ve made in this article, and for many clients, are not all about images. First, we’ve talked about video; now it’s the game of typos. If done right and full of intention, your text can add depth to your hero section while drawing people's attention to all the information you want. And even when collaborating with an image, your type can shine and state itself, not fade into it. 

Boost your key products. 

If your product is the hero you want all the attention to revolve around, then go for it. Especially when you have stunning packaging and a powerful photo, using the product image is the best option. Your product image doesn’t necessarily have to be full-screen. A clear background, eye-pleasing visual, and nice contrast is the perfect way to show off yourself directly and proudly. You can add more text to amplify the aesthetic, and voila! 

Take advantage of illustration.

When your brand is all about graphics and not the type that works well with photography, then do not hesitate. Colorful, interesting, and well-done graphics will support in explaining your hero section with more control. Thus, you can easily explain your brand and product concepts through your choice of elements. However, it’s a must to take great care of what you put here, or else it could distract users and not meet your goal. 

Using the neutral color scheme

These days, people spend nearly 1/4 of their day on the phone or digital devices. And surely, their eyes are mostly tired and stressed from all the visuals and things they’ve seen. So using a neutral, soft color hero section shall make customers feel much more comfortable so that they can focus better. Thus, if your site is in the wellness or medical industry, using soft, comforting colors will create a calmer & more pleasant experience. 

Hero section examples dimension

Fullscreen images 

For desktops and tablets, we recommend making a 16:9 ratio hero image with an ideal size of 1600 x 500 pixels. But if you want a crystal clear vision, get it up to 1800 pixels. However, the clearer the image, the heavier your file is. So there will be a chance it will slow down your site. 

Mobile version

With mobile, then adapting to a vertical orientation is the best choice. 800x1200 in a 2:3 ratio shall be your best friend here. This can be simple for graphics. However, with photography and video, you must ensure your key elements fit in the safe zone. 

What you should do for hero section examples

Picking your desired type of visual is only the first step of the whole ladder. To make the magic happen, here is what you should try! 


People don’t click on your website to see the hero section. The goal here is to keep them interested enough to keep scrolling. So you wouldn’t want your hero image to be completely out of touch with the rest of the experience. Images, color, fonts, and everything you use here must harmonize with the whole layout and aesthetic of your website and brand. 


Even if you’ve made the best image, as long as they’re cluttered with texts and buttons, they’ll be messy and hard to consume. The key here is to make everything logical, easy to read, and have a flow to create attractions. 


Stock photos are your enemies here, so try to avoid them. Since most stock photos of people have unrealistic smiles and emotions, people can recognize them immediately. If you want to use photography here, create your own, not use something people can stumble upon on another website. 

Key Takeaways

To take the best advantage out of your website, having some handy hero section examples is good for you. Of course, it’ll take time and practice, but adding large, eye-catching hero banners will increase your chance of grabbing users' attention. So now it’s time to create your own. Good luck, and we can't wait to see your hero section in action!