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Dec 11
Eric Phung

Business Website Design: When Does It Become Extremely Vital to Have a Website?

When is the most suitable time for business website design? You should do it on your own, use a business website builder free or actually hire a business website development agency? What suits your business scales and why business website design is vital?

Business Website Design: When Does It Become Extremely Vital to Have a Website?

Business website design with the right attention and intention can boost your brand and create real flows of profit in the long term. But when is the right time to invest in a business website design? At what stage of your business should you use a business website builder free version and can still work really well? When are the turning points that you should do more and make the most of all benefit from a business website development? 

Answering those questions might take a lot of time on your own, but worry no more. We’re making it much simpler for you. Here are all our tips from years working in the industry when it comes to business website design. 

1. Business website design: when do you actually need one?  

It’s not easy to determine the right exact time to start working on a website. Most of the time, it will depend on your business vision, goal, current situation, and so many other elements. However, we divide these cases into 2 terms, each with its own solutions. Let’s see which will suit you and your business better! 

Small business and still in the “figure everything out” process: 

In this case, you’ve already had a vision or even a running business, but can’t really be sure about its efficiency. In other words, you’re just testing to see the needs and interests of audiences in your business. Then, you could still invest in a business website design but develop it by a website builder platform. 

With business website builder free sites, you can still achieve a professional, well-function website that matches your business’s demands. Thus, it’s much more budget-friendly to a small business when monthly rates are only under 20$. These business website design free pages allow you to customize your site under some restriction, with more than just enough function for anyone who wants to have a fresh start. 


And have we mentioned how quick and easy it is to start design on your own site through these website builders? Most come with a drag and drop interface, so even with no-code experience, you can still develop your own site.  

However, there are some visible downsides you must notice when using business website builder free sites. The first and most obvious one is the lack of customization could be made. Next is the low SEO performance. Most website builders do not come with strong SEO plug-ins or tools, therefore it’s much harder to crawl up those ranks in Google as you would want to. And last but not least is that you don’t own your website or domain and it’s hard to develop an all-type device-friendly interface. 

Upscaling your business and need a professional website: 

In this case, you either don’t have enough skill or time to develop a good website design. This could come from the fact that your business is expanding and it requires more professional, in-depth knowledge to fully develop its website. Or even if you need to re-branding, or improve your business positioning and design, this would work out as well.

By then, you should come to a business website development agency or freelancer. Not only they could help with a custom-made website design, but also for better function. For example, you’d want to make sure that your site is available for worldwide payments, or large streams of access during promotions and so on. Choosing a website design development would also benefit you in the long term as your brand keeps growing. And once you decided to put some more work in SEO and Google Ads, a well-optimized site would be really useful. It’ll save you a lot of money while giving a much greater result than every business is craving for. 


Yet of course, working with a professional website development team means you have to put more effort into planning and investing. Planning plays a vital role in website design since it’s the guideline for agencies or freelancers to work on. It’s the sketch of how you’d want the final outcome to look like, or else it’d be a waste of time and money. 

Investing is of course much higher. Building a website from scratch could cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to thousands. But if you look at it as a long-term investment, we’re sure that it’ll all pay off really well, especially in this digital-savvy world.

2. Why should you think twice before choosing a business website builder free? 

We normally advise our viewers to think clearly before deciding to choose a website builder platform to develop their business site. There are some obvious merits, which come along with many disadvantages that we must let you know about. So is a business website builder your best choice? 

Business website builder free sites aren’t actually free: 

You may encounter many sites advertising themselves as the free and greatest website solution. However, later after signing up, you’ll quickly notice that you need an upgrade or a premium version for everything to work nicely enough. So keep in mind that you’ll need to pay a monthly fee to keep your sites and account running, and there is nothing like “free” when it comes to a well-functioning website. Understanding this will help you avoid these “free” traps and focus more on choosing the right plan that fits your needs and usage. 

Quick and super easy, but not really: 


Most business website design sites claimed that you can develop a website within hours, if not minutes. It’s true, but here is what they won’t tell you. Establishing a framework of a website is simple, as long as you have in mind the structure that you want. The hard thing to do is your website’s content. It takes days to choose, create the right layout, content, photo, and visual for a business site. So once you jump into developing your own site, there is more work for you to do than you thought. 

Lack of SEO tools: 


Although some sites offer their own version of SEO tools, you’ll soon figure out that it’s not enough. These tools do give you access to custom many elements, but there's still a lack of a lot functions to boost your SEO to a whole new level. Before you waste more time searching everywhere to try to improve SEO results on a website builder, we’re sure that it couldn’t beat coding and site manual optimization. However, there are still some sites that keep improving their SEO tools to help their users. By then, if you’re in need, a business website builder could still give you some clear advantages. 

You don’t have to learn to code:

We must confess that this is one of the clearest strengths when using a website builder. Coding is sophisticated to learn and takes a lot of time. So we understand why small businesses look at those website builders as the perfect gateway. It’s much less costly and can be done on your own with little support from the website builder.


You can still get great results from a website builder without spending hours learning to code or spend a lot of money hiring someone with that skill. Since your website demand is still medium-small, it’s alright to work with a website builder. At all costs, having a website within a few days at a much cheaper price doesn’t seem too bad, even if it had some small flaws. 

Flexibility, with a limitation: 

It’s not fair to state that a business website builder free site doesn’t give you many chances to customize the layout and template. In fact, you can still decide a lot of things on your webpage, including colors, fonts, backgrounds, layout, placements, and elements. Templates are much simpler to start with, and you can still custom them to your preference. 


Of course, you couldn’t have the freedom to design anything as business website development could. However, with beginners and fresh start-ups, those abilities are just enough. At the end of the day, you don’t have to spend thousands just to have a customized design then run out of budget for the rest of your business. 

Loading speed? Hardly could interfere with it:

This is one of the weakest points of most business website builder free pages. Not only do you have to share a server with others, but you’ll have limited bandwidth as well. This could lead to a problem that it’ll take a while for your site to fully load and you could hardly improve that. To our experience and as much research, users are not patient enough to wait any longer than 2 seconds. After that few moments, they will shut you off and move to another site. 


Improving your site loading speed is as important as your business website design. With a business website development team, they can fix this problem within a few hours of code and further optimization. 

Your website is not yours completely: 

The biggest assets of a website are all of its content, files, and reports. When building one up, you have to put a decent amount of time, and a lot of effort to create visuals, blogs, and even money for SEO. If there are any problems, you can just pack things up and move to another source. 

But what if we said that with business website builder free sites, you don’t own your webpage? All the files and codes are not yours, what would happen if you want an upgrade? Here comes the big problem. Once you sign up with those business website design sites, there is no way they would allow you to move your work from their platform to another one. All your effort will be lost and you must start it all over. So if you’re not a small business still exploring things around and not expecting much, you should think carefully when using a website builder.

3. The importance of business website development

Website development is the entire process of planning, building, and maintaining a site with many aspects. As the digital world is continuously growing, you’d want to have a head-up with business website development. It’s no longer an option, it’s the global requirement for every business. But why? 

All-day accessibility: 


Business website development allows your brand to be found, access, and enjoy at any time. Users can come and reach out to every piece of information that they need without any limitation. They could reach out to you, or ask you to reach out to them through phone, live chat, or email. In any form, a conversion would turn into a sale anytime.

Worldwide trust and credit: 


The more people and your target audience hear about you, the better your sales would be. Give them access to your content, interact with your audience, be responsive. Give them a showcase of not only your products and services but also feedback and how you respond. All these small steps will help your business gain trust and become reliable to customers. 

Reach more, sell more: 


A business website design will help you expand your exposure to your potential customers and attract them. With proper design & development, you can get your investment return quickly with good flows of traffic. This will lead to an impressive boost to your conversion rate.

Delivers your content: 


Content is king, it creates a great experience for your users and maintains their attention. By looking through your site content, users will know a lot about your brand. So why not provide them with quality, helpful and interesting content? Putting some extra effort into your business website design, people will notice all of that. 

Brand Identity: 

Business website design, no matter how you’re doing it, must align with your brand identity. From your relevant domains to every smallest detail in your designs. All of these things must connect and relate to each other. Your online presence helps build your identity and recognition from all over the world. And why not taking advantage of that? 

The digital world is evolving every day, and just appearing online is not enough. A business website design is the best way to reach out to your potential customers and keep your business helpful and running nicely. Hope that this information is useful to you. if you love to know more about business website design, keep following us!