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May 22
Eric Phung

Why choosing webflow over other website builder: best of the market

What makes Webflow the most popular and trusted website builder? Webflow is the best selection that transforms the entire way to build a website. Here is why you should know about it…

Why choosing webflow over other website builder: best of the market


Webflow has been the spotlight of the developer community in recent years. You might have run into some posts mentioning Webflow and all its merits. But we bet you’re having no idea why it’s getting so much attention and hype from the market. 

Basically, Webflow is another low-code website builder. But the thing that makes it stand out is it’s made for professional website design. The platform is packed with powerful features that will save you time and effort in building a website. In fact, Webflow aims to please the professional segment: design-savvy pros, freelancers, and agencies – people making websites for a wide range of clients.

 If you want to get a thorough explanation of Webflow, check out our previous blog here.

In today’s article, we will break down why Webflow is the real deal to choose over others web builders. Read on to find them all!

What makes Webflow so good? 

1/ Website speed 

When creating a website, speed is one of the main factors you should consider. How fast your website load is equivalent to how satisfied your user could be. And if it took too long, you’re risking losing potential customers. With other website builders, you can’t interfere with its code to ensure everything is light & right to ensure the loading speed. But on Webflow, they clear it out to ensure the best loading speed possible for your site. 

2/ Clean code

This is where the question “is Webflow better than WordPress” got the answer. With WordPress, you are not 100% getting clean and logical code all the time. But as a low-code, or to be exact, code visually platform, Webflow always gives out clean CSS and HTML. Not only does this help you arrange everything better in case you have to export code and move to other platforms, but also contributes to web speed. Loading faster, working smarter, and getting things done easier is all possible with Webflow. 

3/ Excellent SEO tool

All comparison must end here! Not many website builders could provide a decent SEO management tool. Some don’t even allow you to edit URL, slug, or meta description. With Webflow, you’re completely free to edit and make the most of it all. SEO is one of the most important elements that affect your business's success. So by getting great SEO tools in such a website builder, you unlock more potential for your site (or your clients’). 

4/ User-friendly interface

Webflow might not have all the drag-and-drop interface like other website builders. However, you won’t have to encounter many differences in experience with Webflow. It might take some time to be familiar with the platform. But after that, it’s all simple with on-page editing. Everything you need is right in front of your eyes on the dashboard, and the experience of coding visually is more fascinating than writing code. 

5/ Customers support

Compared with WordPress, Editor X, or any other platform, Webflow’s customer support is crazily good. Not only do they establish a hub for users to interact and communicate, but they also have an academy site to teach beginners everything about Webflow. Live chat is great for instant help as well so anytime you get stuck, Webflow is ready to help.

Blog, business, or eCommerce?

When it comes to the use of a website, we must admit it’s very versatile. You can use it for business (there are a thousand types of businesses), a portfolio, or a personal blog. But do you know what type of site could make the most out of Webflow? 

Webflow for a business website

There are thousands of ways people could do their business. Therefore a website must fit and represent the business purpose in its best possible way. Webflow offers plans that are all suitable for most types of business. From informative sites to conversion-driving webpages, Webflow plans can give you the full potential to control and manage. 

Creating an eCommerce site

One of the most impressive features of Webflow lies in its eCommerce toolset. The platform is surprisingly good at managing product & inventory, creating discounts, and the combination of vast payment methods. We must confess that even to professional developers, Webflow seems like a dream.

Webflow best website builder for portfolios

We're welcoming all agencies, freelancers, designers, copywriters, and anyone who needs a portfolio site. This is one of the best choices to create a showcase of all your work, especially in the creative field. Whether you want to opt for templates or work from scratch, your portfolio website will sure to turn out great with Webflow. 

The only drawback here is that the cost of Webflow is not very cheap. But it’s definitely worth the price tag.

Webflow for blogging

We’ve always said that Webflow is the platform that embraces the power of the content creator. By using on-page editing, the platform closes the gap between design and content creating, and editing at the same time. In the Collection feature of the editor, there is a customized tool that fits medium to big size blogs. We wouldn’t recommend using Webflow for a small blog since the cost could be too high. However, if you’re aiming to grow bigger and more professional in the long run, then just opt for Webflow with all of its great features & support. 

Professional website builder - is it easy to handle?

We must be completely honest here, Webflow is not your normal no-code website builder. The platform is greatly adored by the developer community for a reason. Although you should have some basic knowledge about coding before starting, using Webflow is not very hard to figure out at all.

  • Getting started and signing up is quick and very straightforward. Sign up, do some basic queries, and an onboarding phrase, that’s everything you need to join Webflow. 
  • Next is to start working. We highly recommend diving into Webflow University if you haven’t got much information about web design. Take your time here before getting to work, it’d save you much more time than you thought. 
  • Once you’re done with the website structure and design, let’s get started with content creating and management. 

Overall, Webflow gives you full control over website design, but with much less time and effort required. Of course, you need some time to get used to the platform. But once you've finished the whole process, creating a website hasn’t been easier.