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Aug 27
Web Development
Eric Phung

Which Is Better for Developers, Wix or Editor X?

So that you won't have to second-guess using Editor X or Wix. We are now here to assist you in figuring it out.

Which Is Better for Developers, Wix or Editor X?

There isn't much that can attract a professional developer's interest more than a new website developer. A tool that claims to foster creative freedom, responsive design, and the absence of code. That is precisely what Editor X is doing, or at least what it promotes.

If so, is Editor X truly superior to the original Wix generator? If so, is it worthwhile to pay the extra money?

We tested Editor X and compared it to Wix to discover which is more user-friendly for beginners. In all honesty, the outcomes are rather unexpected. For companies and web designers, Editor X is a potent builder. It shares some similarities with Wix. But it also boasts cutting-edge functions that are intended to greatly simplify your life.

Comparative Analysis for Developers


In this portfolio, which is divided into 5 main categories, Wix offers over 800 templates. And almost 80 subcategories, allowing you to quickly find your expertise. If none of them feel just right, you may always start from scratch and create your website.

The way Wix handles their templates has always been my favorite. Although there are a lot of them, there are a lot of different designs. It doesn't seem like the same idea that has been used before. For a number of other builders, I'm afraid I can't say the same.

Templates of Wix 

In addition, several themes have pre-installed versions of particular software. For instance, there is a good probability that the template you select for consultants already has a booking system included.

The templates weren't merely created for aesthetics. Actually, they are constructed to be useful.

It only contains 28 templates in Editor X. You read that correctly: from 800 to 28. However, it's not always a terrible thing.

In contrast to Wix, Editor X's templates are primarily intended to serve as a rough framework or, at most, as sources of inspiration. Developers and agencies, the kinds of consumers who wouldn't want a template-driven website, are the target audience for Editor X. Naturally, you wouldn't require as many templates.

Wix is designed for novices, thus all of its templates must function as-is in any industry. Despite being a builder intended for a broad audience, it is nonetheless quite adaptable. However, the templates should offer more in terms of fundamental structure.

Templates of Editor X 

The inability to modify templates is one thing Editor X and Wix have in common. That is, once you begin experimenting with a template. You can not just go to a different one and maintain all your modifications. You will have to begin from scratch using a new template.

The templates on neither platform are also by default mobile-friendly. In light of this, substantial adjustments will need to be adjusted in the editor for use on various screens and devices. However, using Editor X makes it simpler to properly adapt your templates to mobile devices.


When it comes to features, Editor X is the undisputed champion. The most complex functions, however, will only be helpful if you are a seasoned developer. Although Wix may be easier to use, it is still a fully capable site builder. It has full e-commerce capabilities, blogging tools, and other features.

The Wix Stores app, for instance, enables you to sell both physical and digital goods from your website as well as on Amazon and Facebook. Every Wix template may have it installed. You can learn more about creating an online store in our in-depth Wix ecommerce review if you're interested in doing so.

A complete set of business tools and an SEO Wiz are also included with Wix. Moreover, there are facilities for blogging, creating videos, a collection of stock photos and videos, vector drawings, and managing reservations. Furthermore, there are events and applications for practically any purpose you can imagine.

But here's the thing: Editor X has everything Wix provides, and then more. Actually, Editor X is essentially an upgraded version of Wix.

For instance, Editor X allows you more control over the appearance and functionality of your website across all devices. Thus, creating sites that are mobile-responsive is simple. On either side of the canvas are handles for the editor. It allows you to click and drag to view how your website will appear on screens of various sizes.

The ability to establish breakpoints is one of Editor X's key features. Or the locations where your components alter their layout or design to fit various screen widths. For desktop, tablet, and mobile devices, there are three default breakpoints; however, you may add as many as you require.

Additionally, it enables you to dynamically apply animations to almost any website element. As users browse down a page, you may even let your header dissolve or change color.

Also helpful for team gamers is Editor X. Each team member can have an own account, with their own set of rights. Additionally, you may write comments in the editor for other team members regarding certain components. Everyone is able to respond instantly. A group of designers working on the same website will find it considerably simpler as a result.

There are many additional fantastic designer-friendly features in Editor X. Similar to handling overflow material between breakpoints and docking elements. Things that Wix simply lacks.

Editor X is everything a developer could want. For designers who enjoy drag-and-drop builders, its added capabilities make it the perfect choice. With Dev Mode, you could always add your personal code if you feel like playing around.

However, if you only want to create a website for yourself. Or Editor X can be too much of a hassle if you're new to making websites. Most users will find Wix's capabilities to be more than enough.

Effortless Use

Wix is the more approachable option

Again, the outcome is not really shocking. That's not always a victory though. There is no denying that Editor X is more difficult to use. But the reason for that is that Editor X is far more powerful. As I previously stated, Editor X is essentially an improved version of Wix.

The drag-and-drop editor on Wix is highly user-friendly, especially when you take into account all the things you can do with it. It is built on stacking strips that have been added together to create web pages. Then, you may drag and drop other components into these strips, such as text boxes, buttons, photos, and contact forms. And alter them as you see fit.

The operation of Editor X is essentially the same, with a few minor phrasing variations. However, it also gives you greater ability to perform at every level. Even while this makes Editor X more challenging to use, understanding how to use it is worthwhile if you're a developer.

Editor X isn't really the most complex website builder among the more sophisticated ones. It shouldn't be too hard to learn how to utilize it either. Academy X is an absolutely free set of classes provided by Editor X.

Academy X not only walks you through each of the editor's new features graphically. Additionally, it provides you with a variety of activities so you may test out your newly acquired skills. There is a time investment involved, but the result is worthwhile.

Academy X now offers 24 classes and 9 personalized tutorials, all of which include tasks and video content. Going through them doesn't take very long, and it's really kind of enjoyable. If you're a web designer or developer who is relatively new, as a strong site builder enters the market, here is your chance to master it.

Additionally often updated is the Editor X YouTube channel. You may find instructions there for everything from the principles of site design to how to use certain features.

In conclusion, Academy X makes significant efforts to make learning Editor X easier. However, this is one session you should avoid if you're already working hard to understand Wix's traditional editor.


Wix is more affordable, but more affordable does not necessarily equal bette

All things considered, Wix is unquestionably the less expensive choice. However, given the extra functionality and customization choices you receive with Editor X, this is understandable.

Wix offers a free plan with 500MB of storage, a free Wix domain, and live customer assistance every day of the week. However, to get rid of advertising, link a custom domain, or make sales on your website. You must switch to a premium plan.

Although Editor X also offers a free plan, as a developer, you'll probably just use it to explore the capabilities of the builder. You'll need to upgrade if you wish to construct websites for clients. Unless there was more room for storing. At the very least, to link personal domains and remove Wix's branding.

Price of Editor X


With their premium plans, both builders provide a 14-day money-back guarantee. In the chart below, two personal plans and two commercial plans from Wix and Editor X have been compared for your convenience. As you'll see, the fundamental functioning is rather similar. However, because it has more design features, Editor X is a little more costly.

The primary concern here is if you would be willing to spend a little bit more to have a lot more control over the layout of your website. If you simply want to create a straightforward website for yourself or your company. Then purchasing Editor X at a premium is actually not necessary.


Editor X does not currently have a dedicated customer support team. You must visit the Wix help section and select the "Editor X" topic if you have any questions. But that doesn't imply that if you have a query, you won't get any assistance. You may reach a specific chatbot by going to your Editor X dashboard.

You may either open a ticket or ask for a callback if you want a more personalized touch. Although when I asked for a callback, the support staff appeared to be the same. Any questions about Editor X were welcome, and the representative was prepared to respond.

A dedicated Editor X support team, along with a help center, is being assembled by Wix, although it might take some time.

The chatbot advised me to schedule a callback because emails could take up to 24 hours to respond. On a workday at about 10 o'clock in the evening, I asked for a callback, and a minute later my phone rang. My query was satisfactorily answered by the representative.

After a few days, I got in touch with support once more to ask whether I could move the content of my website to another host. I was informed by the chatbot that email responses might take up to 24 hours to arrive. I was so delighted to learn that I had an email reply within 20 minutes of filing my ticket.

As I had anticipated, moving your website's content to some other platform is not possible with Editor X or Wix. I later learned over the phone that Wix is thinking about including this capability for both Wix and Editor X.

Community X is another assistance choice designed especially for Editor X. It is a lively forum where users of Editor X may exchange comments, suggestions, and counsel. It's good to note that members of the Editor X Product Team frequently respond to forum postings directly.

Site designers and agencies should use Editor X

Editor X was built from the ground up to provide users an incredible level of creative power. We discovered that Editor X's more complex features were not too difficult to master. In particular with the Academy X lessons

If you're a web developer and wish to have almost infinite options without writing a lot of code. Editor X is the undisputed champion.

But if you want to launch a website, blog, or online business quickly and easily, there are other options. For you, Wix will be a superior option. You probably won't need the extra capabilities that come with Editor X unless you're a developer. I also cannot emphasize enough how adaptable Wix continues to be among website builders.

The amount of comfort that you desire ultimately determines the outcome. Wix is a better, more affordable solution if you're looking for a versatile yet user-friendly site builder for a single website. Choose Editor X if you want to create a lot of original websites with a team.

Socialectric offers high-quality website design services

Nevertheless, you may use Wix or Editor X to create your own website for free. However, if you use Wix's builder too simply, your website may appear amateurish. Beginners find it challenging to utilize Editor X. And upgrading to the premium version is necessary for certain complicated schemes. Finding a trustworthy company to carry out your website idea is so essential. An organization that specializes in offering bespoke website design services is called Socialectric. We have a team of programmers with vast expertise. We are sure that with Editor X, we can construct a website with a ton of features and conveniences.

Socialectric offers high-quality website design services


To demonstrate the differences between Editor X and Wix, we compared the two. You probably already know which one will meet your needs based on those distinctions. For larger projects, try Editor X or Wix for website design practice.

If you have any expertise developing websites if you're a designer, an agency, or someone else. The increased level of design customization and flexibility that Editor X offers is probably something you'll like. However, if you're new or would rather have comfort than strength. In that case, Wix's simple drag-and-drop editor will undoubtedly appeal to you.