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Jun 1
Eric Phung

What Is a Digital Agency and Why Every Business Owners Have to Know About It!

Let us well explain what is a digital agency and why you should hire them. Digital agencies tackle all aspects of marketing on the online world to maximize the amount of customers. Attract the attention and love your brand deserves with the help of digital agencies.

What Is a Digital Agency and Why Every Business Owners Have to Know About It!

What is a digital agency? This one common question might have pop up in your mind for quite a while, right? It’s normal for start-ups to look for all sources that could help them maximize their sale. And in those days, most of your customers are online, which means you have to be where your customers are to get their attention. Sure you could have your hands over digital marketing by yourself. But a digital agency could do more than just setting the ads for you. Knowing what is a digital agency and how to work with them is great in the long run with your business.


1. The simplest explanation for What is a digital agency?


In the simplest term, a digital agency work son marketing your business in the digital environment. They create a collision between design and copywriting in the new age, along with the explosion of modern marketing solutions. In today’s world, there are billions of social media users, internet-based networks and the number is skyrocket day by day. And due to the fact that you must appear regularly where your customers are, no business owner could walk past the digital world without noticing the ability it holds.

Ultimately, digital agencies are those that execute marketing strategy to make the most of the digital world. They help brands build success by drawing online interaction and adding values to customers. All are done with the help of technical innovation, strategic planning and moreover, creativities.

2. What services does a digital agency supply?


At the early age of digital marketing, most digital services revolve around website and email marketing. Meanwhile, through the development of social media and other online platforms, a digital agency now provides the following services:

  • Website design & development, including multi-sites, microsites, audits and analytics
  • User experience research, strategy and design
  • Responsive design and mobile optimization
  • Brand strategy and design
  • Social media solution
  • Online advertising, including paid search, banner ads and social media ads
  • SEO & SEM — search engine optimization and marketing
  • Graphic design for digital and print
  • Internet creation and internal apps
  • Digital signage
  • Data integration
  • Photography and video production


It takes quite a lot of time to deeply understand all of these aspects. However, just imagine the effort, time and money you have to put in to build a whole internal team for these tasks. It’s either impossible and extremely costly for most small & medium businesses. According to that, a digital agency that covers your needs is just the best solution. But you also need to keep in mind that each digital agency only covers one or a few mediums listed above, Therefore it’s important to be clear about what you want, your expectation and budget range. This will help you stayaway from all the confusion that might occur when first encountering this world.

3. How a digital agency would help my company?


After knowing what is a digital agency, we will still wonder in what aspects they will support us with business. The answer is pretty simple, to be honest. It is a cost-effective, fastest ticket to reach and attract your target audiences. Each project shall be managed by measurable metrics along with unique creativities to make your brand stand out from the crowd to a specific group of audience. And from those metrics, you could clearly see what’s working and what’s not. Therefore, quick adjustments can be made 24/7 to maximize the effectiveness.

Thus, the time when people just throw money into ads and hope for the best is long gone. Agencies can now measure almost anything to generate leads, reactions, reach and so on. Digital agencies require and focus on logical thinking so much more than before and it strengthens the potential they bring to business.