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Dec 11
Eric Phung

Website Design Content Strategy: How to Create and Manage Content Strategy for Beginners

To build traffic and a solid foundation, every business needs to begin with website design content. Content marketing is a strong tool that you should not miss out on. It helps dramatically to both branding and selling. Website content template for beginners. Website content checklist to start creating content today. Click to learn more!

Website Design Content Strategy: How to Create and Manage Content Strategy for Beginners

Website design content has always been the key success of most businesses. It’s arguably one of the most important tools that you should take advantage of to achieve your goals. But to make that dream happen, it comes to the role of content strategy. 

A good content strategy will guide you in the right direction, attract more visitors and improve your brand awareness. Then the final content is the main reason people come and stay with your business. 

But first, let’s have a look at all the basics of website design content. What is it and why does your brand need it? Next, we’ll take you to a step-by-step guide to create a solid content strategy for your own business. Interested in improving the performance of your site? Keep scrolling, we have everything you need for website design content here!

1. What is a website design content strategy? 

No matter if you're planning to publish your brand soon or have been on the market for a while, it’s never too late to start working on content marketing. With a solid foundation of a website design content strategy, you can sure trigger customers' attention and intention. But the first few steps are always the most important, let us get you through it with ease. 


What is a website design content strategy? 

In simple words, a content strategy involves using your business plan and using content as the main source to tackle these goals. After years working in the industry, nearly 70% of customer’s journeys involve content marketing of some sort. For instance, when you first run your business, it’s vital to build brand awareness and trust from your customers. And if it’s not for content, there are hardly any ways you can keep those messages and promotion sticks to your customers’ minds. 

Content marketing is not just something cool to have, it’s your key player, especially with low-budget brands. Just imagine putting so much effort into your product, then deliver it with minimum effort content. Your product will immediately get devalued and even lead to the loss of trust from your customers. 

Why do you need a good content strategy? 

Content marketing mainly focuses on improving your visibility on digital platforms and helps inspire your audiences into using your products. As the digital world is a loud and confusing pond of noise, you’ll have to make yourself stand out in some ways. That’s when content comes into handy. 

Content will help you show up in search engines, allowing users to find and know more about you. Not just that, it could attract and lead to users’ subscriptions or follow on media. It could also boost your sales incredibly just by building trust and solving customers' problems. Now, do you think website design content is necessary anymore? 

Content strategy plays an important role in your communication game if not said one of the best sources of communication you could provide to your customers. With impressive content, even if people haven't purchased anything from you yet, they’d still remember your brand. 

2. Step by step guide for website design content strategy

Now after understanding what is a website design content strategy and why businesses need it, you are ready to start working on it. Don’t worry, this is our step-by-step instruction that you could always use as a website content checklist at ease. 


Every plan should always start with a clear vision of goals. This allows you to know where you should focus on, thus what will be the key for future tracking. Ask yourself what do you want to achieve through content marketing? Is it SEO or is it relationships? You’re aiming at building brand awareness or just purely for selling goods?

Each of these goals will lead to a specific tactic, so it’s important not to mess up in between. You can always have many goals in one strategy. However, we normally specify a percentage of each target to know which are our key KPIs. Figuring out your top priority will help you concentrate more and receive better results. For example, we’re aiming our work at 50% for branding, 25% for selling, and the last 25% for SEO. 


Your budget will determine your content activities. Make up your mind on how much you’re willing to spend and could be able to in a long period of time. Then you’ll know what you could do for your brand. Content marketing is not something you could work and finish within a day. It’s a long-term investment and requires professional work. Even when you could create content on your own, we highly recommend spending some money on a freelancer or employees. Give the right people the right work, it’ll be all set for you. 


Just like the interaction between people, you have to know who you’re talking to. Take a deep breath and figure out who are your main customers, who will be most likely to use your product and service. What are they interested in, what are their main problems that you could solve? What traits that all your audience have in common and how could you use those traits in your content? Learning about your customers' behavior and habits will be extremely useful for both your website design content strategy and business plan. Take advantage of all those information to customize the user experience and satisfy them even more on their journey. 



With website design content, doing research is one of the most crucial steps before you start working on any sheet of writing. Every SEO article must start with keyword research to find which is relevant to your business and what you could use to improve your site traffic. You should also learn about what people are interested in, what they’re searching for most and their questions related to your products. 

Don’t forget to use long-tail keywords since it’s much closer to users' searching habits. You should also research your competitors to see what they’re doing. Learn from what they’re doing better than you and what you’re lacking off. Few more hours into researching could give you a better kick start than you could imagine.


If you’re wondering if you could start writing now, then it’s a yes, but not content. You should work on your pillars at this stage. Having a pillar will give you a clear look at what type of content you should be making in the future. This includes all the customers’ problems that you must solve, your most important information that customers must know about, which format you’ll be using the most. A pillar will remind you of what you must and should do to satisfy your customers, allowing a content writer to quickly understand the current situation when they are onboard the project. 

Content calendar 

After having content pillars for your website design content, now we come to creating a content calendar. This is what you should do every month to keep your content fresh, relevant, and useful. To begin with, you must open up a calendar of the month you’re planning on. Then from this calendar, quickly select all the special holidays, this will be the perfect time to boost your social media content. Determine how often you’ll be posting on your website, and fill in your content angles from the pillars. Assigning these dates to be your deadlines, and you’ll have a very clear vision of what to do in execution. 

This calendar will also keep the team on track and be less likely to miss out on any post. It is also very useful to keep the consistency of your blog posts. And with creating content, it’s more about posting, publishing rather than keep planning for the “perfect” one. 

Promoting plan 

Even the best piece of content needs a little boost to reach more people. With website design content, you should always spend a decent amount of effort to have a good kickstart. Promoting your content could go anywhere between sharing it on social media, seeding, or even a push with paid ads or cross-branding posts. Building a local community is also a great way to spread your content to the desired audience. The more you do, the better the result you will get, so don’t ever stop promoting your content. 

Creating content

After all of that planning and research, now you’ve reached the hardest part. Honestly, the whole process is quite enjoyable until you encounter this part. Although we would love to say that you shouldn’t rush the content creating process, it still needs deadlines to meet all your planning and strategy. With small businesses, don’t try to create something out of your league at first. Try to make some easy-to-ready yet helpful content, and that shall be the right start for you. 

But what if you don’t have all the time and ability to create your website design content? Hiring a freelancer or full-time content creator is always a great idea. 

Measure & tracking

When all your content is published, it’s time to measure and keep track of all the results. This step is important to make sure your content meets up all your goals and intentions. Pay strong attention to your KPIs and stick to them with every piece of your content. By then, you will see all your efforts adding up, leading you to more customers, users, or email subscriptions. Thus, don’t expect huge results in just a few days. Content marketing is a long journey, be patient with it. 


Fixing where you’re falling short and improving what is necessary is a critical step when it comes to website design content. Not only will this improve your performance but showing that you really took care of every smallest detail. Don’t think that your customers won’t notice, they do. Yet in the meantime, improving your content only gives you more good than harm, so why not? 

Be consistent 

We must agree that this could be the hardest part whenever we’re creating a website design checklist, especially with small businesses. At first, it’s tempting and fascinating to create and publish your content. But from time to time, you’ll get lazier and lack the motivation to do the work. It’s hard to maintain a good content creating habit but that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. Stay consistent, and it’ll all pay off well. 

3. 3 things you should keep in mind when creating contents for a website: 

Creating website design content requires a lot of time and effort. Besides the essential website content checklist we’ve told you above, here is some small, extra advice we have for you.


Teamwork makes dream works. 

When it comes to creating content and making it come alive, you’ll need the whole team to work, brainstorm and even adjust altogether. It’s impossible to make words alone work well in the digital world. You’ll need some help from SEO, visual design, website administration, marketing and even more to make your content strategy running smooth and nicely. 

Let the right people do it 

To deliver all the useful information in the best, most interesting way, you’ll need the right person to do the work. First, it should be someone who understands the process in every detail. Those are the best people to give your website content everything it is supposed to have. Next, is allowing professional content writers to do the work. Since not everyone could sit for hours to write a thousand words, it’s better to let them do their things. 

Keep your content simple & easy-to-read

According to much research, people find it best to read blogs and content and the 8th-grade level. This will give your user the comfort of not having to handle too much hard to read words. The easier it ease, the less frustration your customers will have, and they’ll be more likely to buy from you. There is only one exception, it’s when your products and services serve a niche group of customers. But in any situation, keep your language crystal clear and simple to read. You users will be more than just happy to read them all. 

All in all, to achieve your website design content goal, there are many boxes that you need to check and many habits to build. We hope that this guide and tips are useful to you as a beginner to content strategy. If you’re eager to learn more, follow us and read more.