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Nov 21
Eric Phung

Webflow CMS Updates: What Are They and Why So Important?

Hungry for the latest Webflow CMS updates? Want to know how they can support your business or blog? Here is an entire walkthrough of the coolest and most recent Webflow CMS updates. Check it out now! After using Webflow for a while, now we have finally had a whole new level of Webflow CMS updates. As both for personal and for our client's services, Webflow is a great choice. Although normal bloggers won’t encounter many of these problems, these updates are life-changing for enterprise-user. Webflow used to limit to 10.000 or fewer CMS items for enterprises or agencies. However, this time, they’re truly scaling up, along with many more trusty updates for CMS. We’re pretty excited about this experience, let us show you why! But first, we’ll explain CMS and its vitality. Therefore you can have a full vision of how it affects businesses.

Webflow CMS Updates: What Are They and Why So Important?

What is a CMS and why do you need it? 

Whether you’re a content creator, web designer, or entrepreneur, understanding what a CMS is and how it works is still crucial.

CMS (Content Management System) is a system that makes updating content or web pages on a website much simpler. Without it, you’ll have to code a new HTML page and then update it to a server every time you want to upload a new piece of content. Imagine scaling that up to a site with hundreds of blogs or eCommerce ones like eBay or Amazon. So if you’re not having a CMS, it’s horribly time-consuming, taking up a lot of resources. And you can imagine how much technical knowledge it takes to get the job done.

In contrast, CMS gives you a clearer interface to create, upload, edit text, add photos and so much more. And the best thing about CMS is anyone can use it without technical requirements. That’s how CMS, and Webflow, shed some light on small businesses that don’t have enough budget to hire developers. It's also beneficial for anyone who simply wants to DIY a website for themselves to save costs. 

Webflow CMS updates: What’s good about it? 

They’re scaling to 100.000+ CMS items

Right from the bat, this makes us super excited, since scaling up means being able to serve larger clients at a much more comfortable pace. Most issues around storage for CMS contents have been resolved, and you can have much more content type (and amount) on a Webflow site. 

And scaling up is much more than just increasing storage. Webflow tackles the market with a comprehensive workflow to create, manage and edit content. Needless to say, it’s more efficient. Thus, as other users can grow their type of content creation, you can be beneficial from a much richer content library. 

A more powerful content management 

A larger content library plus the ability to create up to a massive amount of content need to comply with some other features on Webflow CMS updates to ensure everything works smoothly together. 

  • Filer & discovery: It just makes sense since having more content requires a better way to find and edit. So now the Webflow CMS will have a filtering tool to quickly locate the files and jump right into edit mode. 
  • Bulk updates via CSV: Moving from another platform to Webflow has been possible for a while, yet it needs a step further. Since there is always a massive bucket full of content that needs to be adjusted, you can use CSV upload for bulk updates to current content. 
  • Bulk publishing: The new expansion of publishing tools has reached the ability to publish several items at the same time. It’s quicker, saves more time and well, you can work much less.
  • Image validation controls A completely new tool for content editors to constrain the size of images uploaded to your CMS. 

Improving product performance 

To support the scaling-up process, Webflow CMS updates also got some interesting improvements: 

  • Optimized and improved performance for large websites: Enhance loading speed for most projects. 
  • Increase publishing speed: You won't have to wait hours in bulk publishing, due to our upgrade for 10 times faster. 
  • WebP image optimization: This is an upgrade we’re pretty excited about, by adding WebP image support to improve your site performance with a conversion tool right in the platform. It will help speed up the process of converting and replacing assets. 

A scalable storage architecture built

Since they’ve made a decent foundation for Webflow CMS updates, currently the platform is ready to invite all customers to increase their content items with a smooth & scalable architecture. Here are some improvements: 

  • Efficient storage setup: Webflow CMS updates breathe in a whole new improvement in storing Collection content so that users can store data and retrieve it easier and more conveniently. By then load times also increase during the working process. 
  • Optimize storage structure: This is mostly about Webflow’s internal upgrade. As their customer base grows larger, they need to optimize the storage structure to ensure it’s sustainable and effective for all users and their customers. 

Will there be anything else to expect? 

On our prediction, after Webflow CMS updates there will definitely need an upgrade for the Editor to ensure it runs smoothly as the businesses are scaling up. Stay up to date with us for more latest news of Webflow features. 

How can Webflow make an impact on your enterprises? 

Okay so using Webflow means you’ll have full control of creativity, and can even create a workable website without technical fuss. But what else? 

More creativity, less coding

Yes, as web developers who work with many clients, coding is still a pain in the brain. No one truly likes spending hours of code just to find minor bugs that keep the site from running smoothly. With Webflow & the Designer, everyone using the platform can be empowered with the right tools so it won’t limit your creativity. You can think of the coolest design and our team (or your internal team) can deliver it much quicker than normal coding (which takes weeks). It’s a life-changing experience, and within Style Manager, there are endless possibilities. 

User-friendly CMS

If you’ve been using WordPress, then you probably know what I’m talking about. If previously there are a bunch of plugins you have to set up just to manage your site’s content, then you can say goodbye to them. Zero-code, no more plugins, everything is built right into the system. So managing, editing, and uploading get so much more accessible.

Should you try Webflow CMS updates for your website?

Absolutely yes. Even when you’re just a beginner, Webflow is still a great choice with plenty of support. You can gain more knowledge from Webflow University and ask the community. Thus, with all the goodies from Webflow CMS updates, we highly recommend using it for a dynamic, well-organized, and spot-on-looking website. And remember, we’re always here to help, so stay connected, and there are many more to come!