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Oct 6
Web Development
Eric Phung

Webflow Biggest Update in 2023

Explore the game-changing updates of Webflow's monumental 2023 release! Dive into our first impressions and discover the exciting features that are set to transform your web design experience. Stay ahead in the digital world with this groundbreaking update!

Webflow Biggest Update in 2023

Webflow has just announced the biggest update in 2023 yet. We are very excited to share with you some of the key updates and our first impression.

  1. Webflow New Branding
  2. Webflow Conf 2023 and Upcoming Releases

Webflow New Branding - New logo, new design, new UI from Dashboard to Designer

1. New Logo

2. New Loading Screen

3. New Dashboard UI

The Dashboard is now looking like a dashboard, with a sticky sidebar menu that make things easily accessible. Webflow makes use of more icons and incorporate more white space to give it a premium and clean look.

4. New Designer UI

Completely new user interface from new iconography, typography, and updated user experience.

5. New Spline 3D

Webflow was the first visual development platform to introduce natively integrated Lottie to their platform, and they do it again with Spline. This truly enhance the web experience, and we will see more conventional 3D websites in the future with this huge update.

Special Note: Webflow partners with Spline and offer a discount to Webflow users with 30% off their Super Annual Plan (code: WebflowFriends (case sensitive))

What is a Lottie? A Lottie is a JSON-based animation file format that allows you to ship animations on any platform as easily as shipping static assets. They are small files that work on any device and can scale up or down without pixelation. LottieFiles lets you create, edit, test, collaborate on and ship a Lottie in the easiest way possible.

What is Spline? A friendly web-based multi-user 3d design tool.

Webflow Latest Releases

  1. Like Lottie animation, Webflow now has a deep integration with Spline 3D where you can take control over how the interactivity between your 3D object would work right inside the Webflow Designer, via the Interaction Panel
  2. New Scalable Design System - Variables. If you have the habit of using a Style Guide in your design, Variables will be a great tool to take control of your site styling for consistency across your entire website.

Webflow Upcoming Releases

  1. Localization - This is one of the most requested features on Webflow. There have been many other language translation and localization tools like Weglot, and Linguana, but they get very expensive as you scale your business. Webflow native localization can be a game changer. However, this feature is currently available for Enterprise clients only. Webflow said to release this feature in the upcoming month to all.
  1. Component Slots - Modifiable placeholders in Components - Coming soon
  2. APIs - New API updates for localization, components, and variables - Coming soon
  3. Collaborator - Updated Webflow collaboration - Coming soon

Final Thoughts

We absolutely love this update. Although many of them are still 'Coming Soon.' At least the most requested feature on Webflow Wishlist is here. We hope to see more updates with Webflow core services like Membership, eCommerce, and Logic. Perhaps Webflow is leaning toward a more third-party based development with the recent update of Apps. Memberstack and Wized are very successful, but the downside is that we would need to manage and pay more for different services.

Moreover, we are super excited with the update of Variables. We don't even need a separate Style Guide page, and still able to manage all the styling, on any pages with ease. What do you think?

Localization Update: You can preview the pricing here. It seems that Webflow isn't as competitive as we thought. The cost for language translation and localization per locale per month exceeds what's Weglot has to offer. If you have a SEO agency or content heavy website, this might not be the best solution for you because you can easily exceed the total amount of available words per locale per month.

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