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Jul 26
Eric Phung

Vinamilk, The Largest Dairy Brand in Vietnam, Got a Rebrand

The new identity is the result of a long year of preparation by leading experts and consultants in Vietnam and internationally in the field of strategy and branding at the global level. Vinamilk's new design language is a delicate balance of the core aspects of the brand: traditional values with new advancements, and Vietnamese heritage with a desire to reach the global stage.

Vinamilk, The Largest Dairy Brand in Vietnam, Got a Rebrand

Vinamilk, formally the Vietnam Dairy Products Joint Stock Company is the largest dairy company in Vietnam. Based on the UNDP 2007 Top 200 largest firms in Vietnam report, it was also the 15th largest company in Vietnam and formerly the most valuable public company listed in Vietnam.

Vinamilk - The Largest Dairy Brand Got a Rebrand

The new logo of Vinamilk has been updated from an emblem to a wordmark. The word "Vinamilk" is written with strong, bold strokes, and the overall logo is simple yet daring, impressive, and represents the brand's identity of "always being itself" like the new spirit of the brand. The smile on the dot of the letter "i" creates a sense of familiarity with a brand that cares for the Vietnamese spirit and stature. The image of a milk drop in the letter "a" of Vinamilk, along with the text "Est 1976," reminds us of the values that have built Vinamilk's position in the hearts of consumers over time.

"I and the Vinamilk team are always ready to reconsider everything we know, explore new ways of doing things. Only then can the Vinamilk brand truly endure, reflecting the energy, passion, and potential of the Vietnamese people. The next journey is opening up for each Vinamilk product to continue accompanying you and your loved ones," added Mrs. Mai Kieu Lien.

More than 700 Vinamilk stores have the new brand identification system.

Starting from July 2023, the new identification system will be continuously updated across the entire Vinamilk system, including the website, online sales channels, retail points, store system, brand materials on product packaging, and at every touchpoint.

You can create your own Vinamilk version here

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