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Dec 11
Web Design
Eric Phung

The Ultimate Wix SEO Guide 2021

Millions of businesses across 190 countries use Wix SEO platform due to its easy-to-use operation. Just sign up for a free account and then you can create your own well-designed website.

The Ultimate Wix SEO Guide 2021

We have recently witnessed some improvements to the Wix SEO platform, it allows you to create websites without being good at technical. The following review is going to provide you with the best way to help you improve your Wix SEO’s site performance, as well as share insights on the services or guides of the platform. 

One of the most outstanding advantages of WIX is the straightforward drag and drop operation. Thanks to the intelligently integrated features and tools, it makes editing and designing websites easier, faster, and more convenient. You simply need to go to the Manage Pages page and press the button. At this point, new pages will automatically be added to the navigation menu. If you don't know which layout to design a website or blog in, WIX will bring you rich ideas. With a sample warehouse, there are about 510 website interfaces in many industries such as technology, e-commerce, travel, education, real estate... to help you choose freely. In addition, the interface template is also available with data, bringing more convenience than ever. Therefore, to design a website or blog, you just need to choose the best interface template and then update the content and images to complete. Although other builders have an abundance of advanced features, Wix is a neat fit for small businesses, personal websites, and blogs.


1. Wix SEO Services

● Local Wix SEO

If your target is to get leads in only one city or get local clients to your store or company, then Local SEO is more suitable for you to earn visibility on search engines. 

● Global Wix SEO

When your objective is to attract customers from all over the world and stood the 1st Page Position for globally-based then you have to go with Global Wix SEO Strategy with Multi-Language, Multi-Domain, Multi City-based SEO Strategy.

● E-commerce Wix SEO

SEO is a strategy to help get more customers so users have to follow Ecommerce Wix SEO Strategy to win trust, enhance engagement, make your site fast loading, responsive, and smooth eCommerce experience.

● Blog Wix SEO

If your blog needs SEO optimization, AMP version is essential to load faster on Mobile view. Wix SEO can assist you to Set Tag, Keywords, H1 Tag, and Schema Markup Setup to secure Position 0 in Google, etc. 

● Multi-Language Wix SEO

If your target country is more than one with different languages, it's a slightly different Wix SEO Wiz Procedure that users have to follow to make your Multi-language site getting potential customers from a different language-based SEO Setup.

2. Wix SEO Optimization

● Requirements

You need to share your website link, target countries, competitors' website links, target audience details, and then after handing in all details, you will get the keywords list to select final keywords, and based on that Content Optimization, Site Structure suggestion will be given to you.

● On-Page SEO

After selecting Keywords, users will update the necessary pages. They have to fix Page Loading Speed, Page Title, H1 - H6 Tag, SEO Friendly URL, Meta keywords, Description, Tittle update using Wix SEO wiz which includes Technical SEO too.

● Off-Page SEO

After On-Page SEO steps, it is necessary to start making HIgh DA & PA-based Backlinks to improve the website‟s rankings and increasing the traffic flow which includes several tasks such as Social Bookmarking, Classified Listing, XML Sitemap, Robots, Txt Upload, content promotion, Guest Posting. In addition, ongoing basis Social Media Tips & Blog Articles Tittle will be recommended, some marketing-related and Review gathering Websites and Tools also are suggested at this stage.

● Reporting

Every Week or Bi-Weekly SEO report will be sent to the clients to ensure they know exactly what is happening on their site.

3. Wix SEO Wiz

The Wix platform consists of the Wix SEO Wiz tool that is designed to help business owners to optimize their websites. They have to answer just a few basic questions about your website, location, favicon and keywords, and then they will be given a plan for their website's SEO. This is considered an ideal starting point for beginners who has no idea where to start with SEO.

The best part is you do not need to know about SEO. Wix automatically guide you through the process as soon as you are going live.

4. SEO for Wix Websites

  1. Plenty of benefits will bring to you when you use SEO at Wix web, we have picked out the most important SEO features and reviewed how Wix approaches them.
  2. Customizable page titles – this is shown in search engine results pages and is the primary title for a page.
  3. Customizable meta descriptions – this is presented in search engine result pages and gives readers an overview of the page's topic.
  4. Customizable URLs – URLs are the ranking factors so that it’s important to get your keyword in here.
  5. Customizable heading structure – search engines use the headings of a page (h1, h2, h3, etc) to get an outline of the page, so having a proper heading structure is important.
  6. Customizable image alt attributes – search engines pay attention to these so can be used wisely for SEO.
  7. Ability to create 301 redirects – these redirects deter your website from having broken links.
  8. SSL encryption availability – Google prefers sites that use an https address rather than http as users will get better protected. 
  9. Meta robots tag availability – You will probably have pages that you don’t want Google to index, thus setting pages as index or non-index via the meta robots tag is very important to SEO.
  10. Sitemap availability – There is an xml sitemap on your website that can speed up indexation by search engines.
  11. Canonical tag availability – These tags are advanced features and let search engines know when two pages are offering the same content and which page to consider. 

5. Wix SEO Best Practices

● Use Keyword Research to Identify Target Keywords

If you don't think through keyword research, you will not know which keywords and search terms you should optimize your web pages for. SEMrush's Keyword Overview is a great tool, which will help you find and identify the keywords that your potential customers are using to search for businesses.

● Set Up The Wix SEO Wiz

Wix is comprised of the Wix SEO Wiz tool that can boost SEO beginners to optimize their site in minutes. You will be asked a series of questions about your business, including your name, physical address, and a description. This is regarded as a great place for beginners as it will give you easy guidance for some tasks that will be recommended next.

● Create Optimized Title Tags and Meta Descriptions

Every page on your site needs an optimized title tag and meta description. Title tags are significant in SEO because they inform both search engines and users about your page’s topic. You have to optimize your site's meta descriptions as well. In fact, they are no longer used by Google as a ranking factor but providing the visible description that you see below a web page's title on the SERPs.

● Use Optimized H Tags

A well-optimized web uses heading tags to divide content into easy-to-understand and easy-to-read blocks, from H1 (the most crucial heading) to H6. They can be nested when necessary, but you should use only one H1 tag per page. Your page's main keyword should be involved in the H1 tag, and H2-6 tags should use variants about different parts of the content. Just click into a text box on the main Wix editor, and you can set the H tag and edit the content as required.

● Add Internal Links

Internal links are one of the most underutilized SEO tactics. You can add internal links to your content through Wix by opting for the text that you want to use as your anchor text and choosing 'page' from the pop-up. 

6. Wix SEO expert

Millions of businesses are using Wix SEO services for creating and sometimes hosting their websites; there are fantastic platforms that let you create professionally-looking websites without any programming skills. Stunning designs, flexibility, and easy management are the most common reasons why people choose Wix. Socialectric is dedicated to supporting all professional websites, including blogs, eCommerce platforms, and company sites, and bring your business to the next level with tailored digital strategies. We ensure that your website reaches the optimal performance and ultimately gaining you organic traffic over time.

7. Wix SEO expert cost

SEO consists of two main investments are Initial SEO Optimisation and ongoing monthly SEO activity. 

● Initial SEO Optimization

Getting the foundations right in the beginning should always be your investment first. It is a long-term investment - for your website to gain Authority, Relevance, and Trust and you just spend only £360 hiring an expert to help you go through troubles.

● Ongoing SEO

Once the initial setup has been completed, you have the foundations to now build your website's reputation in the eyes of the search engines (Google is the one we want to impress most like it the most used)

8. Wix SEO Guide

Before optimizing your website, most importantly, any small business has to go through detailed keyword research. Just find keywords that you think your future clients would use in the search to find your business. A glance at my detailed guide on how to find the best keywords.

First ad foremost, you have to log in and go to Your Website’s dashboard. Find the app which says “Get Found on Google” and click on it. Wiz SEO setup will be open. Then you have to complete all the required tasks from the checklist like add site title, description, contact info, and social profile links.


If you are looking for a platform to build your own website, WIX is highly appreciated in this case. Offered as an online service, Wix allows you to work with a drag and drop operation to build your website even if you have no coding knowledge or training.