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Jun 1
Web Development
Eric Phung

How to create a Blog in Webflow

Blogging with Webflow full tutorial. You can start making the most effective blog based on Webflow with just these steps…

How to create a Blog in Webflow

If you’re new to blogging, Webflow should be your best friend from now on. Normally, with web design, it’ll require some basic codes. Or drag and drop platforms normally ask you to do the design job in another place, so it’s quite hard to know the result. 

Meanwhile, Webflow puts the power in your hand. Imagine just double-click to begin editing, how awesome is that? If you’d love to have such an experience, then this article is a perfect fit. We’ll walk you through everything about Webflow and CMS, and most importantly, how to create a blog from A to Z! 

What is Webflow? 

This is powerful to help you create a blog, design, and edit right on one page. Two things make Webflow bloggers the most favorite CMS. 

  1. On-page editing. There’s nothing more intuitive than double-clicking some text, and editing it. Instantly and right on-page. Yeah, we couldn’t imagine anything better as well. This will maximize your comfort and finally, we can say goodbye to endless hours of coding just to get 1 line right. 
  2. Easily customizable content types. Or as we normally said, you could do anything you want when creating content on Webflow. As long as you get familiar with the Designer on Webflow, we are so sure that nothing could hold you back.

Why you should blog on Webflow? 

1. It’s so simple to start blogging

You just need to sign-up, and the rest is to play around with the platform to get the desired result

2. It’s extremely great for SEO 

Do not start on platforms that are not SEO friendly, even if you’re not very serious with your blog at first. SEO is the key to unlocking that traffic drive for you (for free sometimes), so a bit of extra investment is always good in the long run. Webflow is the top-tier option when it comes to SEO since it’s fast and responsive. One more fine feature that makes it worthwhile is it auto-generates meta titles, descriptions, and Open Graph (OG) settings based on your content. 

3. Quick and easy to use

This is the main reason why we fall in love with Webflow, and we know you would, too. The platform makes all the past efforts of web design go down to the starting line. Everything has been simplified to the best level, giving you joy and comfort while working on such a project. 

But enough with the reasons, or else I would go on for hours. Let’s come to how to create a blog with Webflow

Full guide of creating a blog with Webflow

My dear creators, let’s get to the real work! 

Create a Webflow account

It’s quite obvious, but let’s not forget this is the most important step of any process: start working on it for real. By creating an account on Webflow, you now have access to its different plans and templates. You can select updated plans later, but first, just settle with a free version to get to know it better. 

Pick the desired template

We highly choose a CMS one for your best convenience. Wondering why? Due to our experience, using a CMS-powered template gives you access to on-page editing and the CMS panel. This is the reason you won’t have to dive into the more complex editing until you’re ready. We must say the number of templates here is quite a solid start for freshers, so just keep exploring! 

Do the customizing

Well, we call this the fun part, designing a website has never been so easy. Of course, you can keep the template as it is. But while we still can, why not give it some more personalization? 


The first and foremost custom you could do to your Webflow blog is to change its typo. By choosing a different font, adjusting sizes, and more, make the whole design feels completely different. With Webflow, we could say you have quite a wide range of options. 

Adding images

Fonts have made quite an impact, but there is also another subtle way to give your blog a new vibe. Adding images and shadows for components will give out a clean, minimal yet impressive look. 

Play around with elements

Image collection, highlighted quotes or any other components are also ready for you to play around with. By adding and adjusting these details, you’ll successfully get the desired mood for your Webflow web design. 

More customizing: Collection

Here on Webflow, they called content types “Collection”. Those are quite easy to make your own (but here we’re diving deeper into Webflow CMS). Simply update the Category collection to whatever that’s relevant to your blog. 

This will change part of your URL, so whenever you’re posting later, it’ll automatically update to these categories. 

Start making a post! 

Alright, enough of the editing, here is what you’ve been waiting for! Start creating content and ready to publish. There are 2 ways for you to do it on Webflow: 

  1. Update the content within the Designer, before publishing. If you don’t want anyone to see your blog’s sample content, then this should be your choice. 
  2. Publish your site and update the content in the Editor. We have to say there is a very slim chance of someone accidentally clicking on a new blog with not yet great SEO, just publishing it and enjoying on-page editing.

If you can recall, normal CMS platforms make you preview your changes first before publishing them. Sometimes that’s great, but most of the time content creators can lose track of the tiny changes. This, how words and visuals look on a page are critical, and any content creator would want to see it, instead of trapped in an editing phase, then preview. 

Once you reach this point, congrats! That’s everything you need to make the most of Webflow web design. Now the only thing left to do is keep going and focus on your blog’s content! 

Giving power to creators

It’s long gone the time when making a website is both costly and requires coding. Webflow is the platform that empowers all creators and allows you to truly stand out. This is where you could do the branding and marketing for yourself without breaking the bank! Keep going with it, and we know you’ll be able to make it!