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Dec 11
Eric Phung

Best Small Business Website Builder: Latest Updates & Full Comparison You Need!

Best small business website builder in detail comparison: in general, for SEO, for e-commerce, and so on. We have reviewed and worked on so many website builders, we know well what it takes to build a business website. Check out the latest updates and free full comparison for website builders now!

Best Small Business Website Builder: Latest Updates &  Full Comparison You Need!

Best small business website builder, what to choose among hundreds of choices? This is kinda an important decision, and we know you’d want to have a much closer look at some of the top-tier options first. You could never go wrong when it comes to establishing a digital space for your brand.

This is where you could do your branding, selling products, and stay connected with customers 24/7. Let us guide you right through some of the best small business website builders, why you actually need one. We also include our recommendation for details that every business website should have, hope you like it. Now let’s get to what you’re looking for: the best small business website builder. 

1. Best small business website builder 2021

The urge to establish a business website has never been greater to many entrepreneurs. With the explosion of the digital world, it’s common to see brands try to level up themselves to compete stronger. That’s when a business website comes into handy. But among bunches of website builders all over the net, you might be confused and it’ll take a lot of time to figure it all out. We came up with a solid 5 platforms that are the most worthy to use. With those best small business website builder you can sure save some time. 


Wix: The best small business website builder in general.

This site has been our all-time favorite for a while, and they actually have you – small business owners on their mind. From their features, you can see that they do care to create an environment where you can grow and take action. And that’s what we truly appreciate of Wix, despite some fussy around the platform in the tech-savvy community. 

Wix is our choice for the best small business website builder since its interface is meant for non-techies. It’s cheap, quick, and convenient. Therefore, an overnight website could be a real deal here with Wix. This platform also has hundreds of templates for you to choose from and a simple drag-n-drop structure. With Wix, building a business website is extremely simple, and their Support Team is always around to help.

The only downside of this platform is their options might be overwhelming to you and their SEO integration is not spot-on. Moreover, with this site, you couldn’t create an e-commerce store. If you’re looking for that, we have some suggestions for your right below. However, if you just want a website to display yourself to the market, Wix is just the best. 

Weebly: The most value small business website design


This platform is quite similar to Wix, plus a support feature for online stores. Still super easy-to-use, drag-n-drop interface, Weebly has some impressive and useful apps. The biggest advantage of Weebly when comparing with others is that it has the ability to set up member-only pages. If your brand consists of anything similar to that, this might be the one. Next is the collection of more than 300 apps covering marketing, in-depth e-commerce, media, and other on-site tools. It’s pretty cool and supportive, right? 

If you want to take 1 step further to unlock Weebly’s pro plan, we’re so sure that you’ll get your money worth! It offers an excellent online store plan, statistical reports, and live chat support. Make sure you go and have a look to see if Weebly checks all of your boxes.

Shopify: Top choice for fresh & new e-commerce small businesses. 

We know you’ll also be searching for the best platform that supports online stores, so here it is. If you’ve just started out and need a business website that has all features of e-commerce, Shopify is your best buddy. The site offers plenty of resources for you to build your website for the first time. They also have a lot of tutorials, so don’t worry. We wouldn’t say it’s the easiest, since it can get tricky sometimes. However, it’s the most suitable for online stores nowadays. Shopify is the platform that you could build your entire website from scratch, and it’ll sure work smoothly.

However, the one thing you should consider is the monthly plan. Shopify is quite expensive compared with other small business website builders. You’ll also need to pay an extra on apps and themes to take advantage of its full potential. To us, Shopify’s monthly plan is quite costly, but it’s useful if you’re investing in the long run. 

Squarespace: Most professional-looking for small business website design

Since most of us don’t have a large company budget, even if we really want to, but still in need of that elegant, chic website design, then Squarespace is the best option. We’ve always been surprised by Squarespace templates since they’re one of the most beautiful and stylish layouts in the market. And the best thing about it? Yes, you can customize them to fit your content! And that’s not everything Squarespace could offer. Great range of tools to support your business, a solid online store set up so that you could make money from. They also include email marketing features and great analytics reports. 

But yet, everything has its demerits. With Squarespace, it’s the cost. Running one of the most standing-out webpages on the market is sure to be a bit extra costly to other web builders. However, we think that it’s completely worth the price tag to have the best small business website.

GoDaddy: The best time-saving website design

If you don’t have much time to build a website for a small business, then we can be sure GoDaddy is what you’re craving. In fact, it took less than 1 hour to fully establish your site, how convenient is that? In comparison with Wix or Weebly, GoDaddy's setup is a blink of an eye. 

However, despite having a speed of the light, GoDaddy has its own limitation. First is you can’t customize templates and layout as much as other website builders. And as business owners, we knew that you would want a breath of your own personality into your website. 

Next is its SEO capabilities. GoDaddy is not optimized for the best SEO result, so it’s a little harder for you to work on that special aspect. However, if you want a simple, easy to work, and super speedy set-up website as a small business, then it’s all good.

Editor X: Advanced design and layout capabilities

Editor X is a new website creation platform from Wix. If you have been using the old Wix Editor since the genesis of Wix, then you will definitely love the new way to design your website that Editor X offers.

The canvas is wide and flexible where you can drag-and-drop elements anywhere you want, and best of all, it is totally responsive with the new flexbox and CSS grid technologies. You can also set your text to scale, your image to resize accordingly.

You will be able to customize individual pages to however you like it. The screen size is no longer an issue with Editor X as you now have the ability to create breakpoints, where your design will fit on any viewports. We compare Wix and Editor X and you will be amazed how far Editor X has gone.

Webflow: The best platform to design, build, and launch responsive website visually

Last but not least, our favorite web development tool, Webflow. Webflow is an in-browser design tool that gives you the power to design, build, and launch responsive websites visually. Webflow allows web designers to design a responsive website directly on the browser and it will automatically generates semantic codes in HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Webflow also uses flexbox and CSS grid technologies similar to Editor X. However, Webflow's users can export their clean generated codes if they want to. Another reason why we favor Webflow over other website builders is that you can have the ability to add your own custom codes without worrying about breaking the structure of your site.

The design process is much faster when you can reuse class names and other components that you previously created. And what's better? Webflow uses Amazon Web Service to host your website, so your website speed always outperform other websites. We will get back with you with a full scope comparison between Editor X and Webflow.

2. Why do you need to build a business website? 

Whether you believe it or not, users think brands that have a website are more trustworthy than ones with only social media pages. It’s the perfect place to show off your profiles, products, and services. But beyond that, why is it vital to have a small business website? 


Attract new customers: 

For every small business owner, it’s vital to gain more and more attention from potential customers. The more you’re visible online, the more sales you would make. With some great SEO-optimized, your business could rank better and get a steady stream of new clients. 

Showcase your products & services: 

To gain the trust of new customers, you must display your products through photography and visuals of all kinds. Let them know you’re offering more than just a product, show quality, and previous customers’ feedback. Thus, if you’re selling a service, your website is where you could express the feeling, the true vibe of what they’ll get to enjoy in real life. 

Encourage customers to reach out to you: 

Display your contact information obviously, let your customers know that they can reach you at ease. This will trigger them to reach out to you even more than normal, while also offering a sense of trust. 

Play it against your rivals: 

Let’s be honest, almost every brand has a business website. And a customer's journey always starts with research, then asking for advice from online & social connections. Therefore, using some of the best small business website builder to develop yours is absolutely important for your brand to get into customers’ heads. Make sure you’re all available anywhere your customers go, then you’re sure to catch them along the journey against other competitors. 

24/7 services: 

You can’t just serve your customers from 9 to 5 especially with e-commerce small businesses. Since in the digital world, users will be ready to purchase at any time, even at 2 AM. An online store will boost your business’s performance really well since there are no longer any boundaries. Show yourself online, and your website will support all your marketing campaigns, build relationships and gain more brand awareness. 

Your customers ask for it: 

Among all other reasons, this is the most important. Get your mind around it, would you want to buy anything from a brand that does not have any digital proof? Nowadays it is a tech/digital-savvy world. Everyone has access to the internet, and they would look everywhere for the information that they want. So, would you love to give them what they want?  

The investment that worth your money: 

If you’re thinking about investing in the best small business website builder for SEO or social media ads, we have the answer you need. A website is a long-term investment, and in the long run, when you’ve fed it with enough SEO content, it’ll generate the outcome for you on its own. So while social media ads seem more effective in the near future, a small business website is always a better investment. 

3. Details your small business website should include.

A standing-out website must have more than just a pretty design. And here is what you need.


A solid call to action: 

Be obvious about what you want your customers to do. Make up your mind on one conversion at a time and focus on polishing that. We know there could be a lot of potentials when it comes to website goals, but let’s make it clear and sharp. 

Newsletter signup:

If you want to grow your small business websites, adding a newsletter signup section is an important element. It’s the simplest way to increase leads and potential sales without having to put too much effort. Regular email marketing is a great way to stay connected to your customers, and you know you need it. 

Clear address and contact information: 

If you are having a small business of restaurants, drinks, or services, you should always include some of that information. First is your address where they can reach you immediately. Next, is your operating hours, this will allow customers to know when they can reach your places. And last but not least, is all of your contact information. It’s your phone number, email address, and hotlines. 

Useful content: 

Nothing attracts customers well like great, useful content. They could be Googling for something they need, and stumbling across your content. If it’s interesting and attractive, there are high chances that they will stay and create some sort of conversion. Pay close attention to what you’re posting on your website, it’ll either support you or kill your gains. 

Mobile-friendly features: 

Currently, 60% of your users now are using their mobile devices like phones or tablets. Therefore, it’s crucial to make your website available on these platforms to keep interacting with your customers. 

High-quality web hosting: 

A good website design is not enough to keep your customers’ attention. Loading speed and unavailable hosting services also really matters. Make sure your site doesn’t take any longer than a second to load or else you’ll lose users to your competitors. 

Search function:

We find that a search bar where users could type what they’re looking for is actually really critical. It keeps your customers interactive while allowing them to get what they need from your website. 

All in all, having the best small business website builder is not everything you must concentrate on. You’ll need to choose the right plan, set up your website design, contents and so much more. We hope that this blog is helpful to you and if you love it, stay in touch with us for more.