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Oct 2
Web Development
Eric Phung

Awesome Factor Editor X - Web Design without Code

The best option for web design is Editor X, which allows for code-free design. But if you want a website that is ideal for you, go to the agency.

Awesome Factor Editor X - Web Design without Code

Describe the Editor X platform's new features in detail. A live online demo with three members of the Editor X team was part of the formal unveiling. Working on the same webpage at the same time from three different desktops. The web design team anticipates seeing huge productivity gains from being able to code, create, and edit all at once.

Users of Editor X can launch an infinite number of websites for nothing by paying the fee. However, if they want capabilities like e-commerce capability or custom domains, they would have to purchase a premium package. 

For developers and designers, Editor X is a platform for creating websites. Combines sophisticated features with easy drag-and-drop. This is a website creation tool made by Wix. A reputable and well-known website creation tool. provides greater freedom and customization than its parent platform. If you are seeking the greatest website builders available, Editor X is unquestionably something to take into account.

What precisely is Editor X?

Leading website builder Wix has unveiled Editor X, a new web design tool that is no longer in beta.

There are some extra design capabilities included in the new solution that aims to become the world's only completely collaborative online platform.

Notable in particular is how the X Editor supports concurrent editing. It implies that several team members will be able to work on a location concurrently. Live comments, shared layout libraries, and advanced roles and permissions are further collaborative tools.

There are many different services accessible in the website construction industry, which is growing more and more competitive. Each service offers distinct benefits, special features, and pricing structures. Real-time communication can undoubtedly make Editor X unique.

What precisely is Editor X?

Using the website builder Editor X, create the website of your dreams!

Using Editor X and developer tools, you may connect with other developers and designers in real time. Enables you to explore the website's source code. Web design people with experience or creative teams will be thrilled with what they can do with this capacity. because a lot of freedom is provided.

Key characteristics of Editor X

Other website builders don't have some features that Editor X provides. In the case of highly talented website designers, teams frequently work together to create the website. It's a fantastic option for anyone who doesn't receive the kind of creative flexibility they desire from other providers. The most crucial of these features is the capacity for group collaboration. Editing the website concurrently is possible using Editor X. For dealer groups, this represents a considerable profit. Managers have the ability to design their own positions with unique rights. Additionally, team members can remark in real time on several departments.

Depending on the user, Editor X's support for custom code is another distinguishing feature when compared to rival products. This might be viewed as either a huge advantage or a significant drawback. Even said, seasoned designers might value the adaptability of JavaScript tweaks and API binding. This option can terrify someone who is brand-new to website creation.

Sections of your website may be easily saved, reused, and edited with Editor X. To show rigid data and media, you can utilize what is effectively a database at the bottom of your page. And utilizing their "Content Collection," the arrangement is repeated. The Content Collection makes updating standardized design components simple. Change the text and add new media to your website.

One instance of this is updating a product listing or photo gallery. Your website's responsive style can accommodate new data. Without the need to modify the page's or an element's design. The content collection can also be updated by uploading a CSV file. And immediately view the finished products on your website.

What has been added to Editor X Website Builder?

Due to the fact that Editor X was just released in May 2021. Everything about it is essentially brand new. Having said that, a year has passed since its publication. The Editors X team has advanced considerably. The ability to create a test site and enhanced form design are two new features.

Through Academy X, users may also access webinars, articles, and video tutorials. A knowledge base and library of resources where people may learn more about Editor X. Creators The platform welcomes recommendations and routinely asks users for their opinions on its Community X forum.

Alternatives to Editor X's Page Builder

Editor X is joining a crowded industry of website builders. It does, however, strive to fill demands that Wix and Squarespace haven't been able to. It essentially sums up the kind of website you want to develop and how long it should take to build. And how much customization should you anticipate when selecting one of these three providers.

Both Editor X and Wix offer significantly friendlier user interfaces.

For sizable web design teams or firms, Editor X is without a doubt the winner. Editor X has several special characteristics. Such as developer tools that provide unparalleled freedom and customization and real-time editing by several users.

Editor X - The modern benchmark for web design

With responsive CSS and easy drag & drop, you can experience a streamlined design process from conception to production.

Innovative design elements

Flex and grid layouts allow you to specify the precise location and behavior of any element in any viewport. Full breakpoint control and customized interactions.

Editor X - The modern benchmark for web design

Group effort & cooperation

Learn about the ultimate team-creation experience. Work simultaneously on the same website, receive feedback with live comments, provide unique roles and permissions, and exchange reusable design materials.

Powerful CMS

Create websites with dynamic content. Every type of content may be managed in collections in the background and shown in responsive recurring layouts.

Custom code

Every invention may have its functionality and business logic expanded in any way. To create sophisticated web applications, write Javascript and connect to outside APIs.

Solutions for businesses and marketing

Add industry-leading blogs, booking platforms, and eCommerce options to each website. Utilize cutting-edge SEO and marketing techniques to help each customer succeed. You can concentrate on the project at hand since we'll take care of upgrades and security.

Amazing projects are realized on Editor X.

This is a website that Rouxin owns. A dedicated designer with experience in service design, strategic design, and UX design who lives in Germany.

As a researcher and UX designer. For the top automobile and consumer products firms in the business. Rouxin has contributed to several UX design and research initiatives. The website was created by Editor X, a company that offers services for UX design and UX research. Visit this fantastic website today.

This is Tony's webpage, as the name would suggest. His complete attention is constantly drawn to everything involving art and design. He found the colors, the fonts, and everything from the architecture to the automobile designs to be alluring. His creations are typically understated but striking. Visit this website created using Editor X.

Socialectric is working on web design without any coding

A style of web development known as "no-code" enables both programmers and non-programmers to create software using a graphical user interface. As opposed to writing code. The underlying principle of the no-code movement is that technology should ease and empower innovation. Not act as a roadblock to admission.

No-code is only a layer of abstraction over code. This implies that it transforms the basic building blocks of code into straightforward drag-and-drop solutions. Allowing the aesthetic development of contemporary apps and websites.

A business called Socialectric specializes in building websites for clients without the need for any code. Even though Editor X enables you to construct your own no-code website, doing so is not simple. Those who had great ideas for the website but couldn't make them happen. Then Socialectric will assist you in doing so at a reasonable cost and in accordance with your corporate objectives.

Socialectric is working on web design without any coding


There are many reasons to be excited about Editor X. More so if you work in a creative team. Other website builders are unable to access certain of its capabilities. This includes the capacity to hasten communication by enabling concurrent editing by a number of users. Web design becomes significantly more effective when using components like Content Collection. However, one of Editor X's most alluring features is the degree of customisation it provides. Particularly in the higher price levels of e-commerce plans, Editor X is more expensive than rival platforms.

Because of its adaptability and custom coding capabilities, Editor X is not recommended for novices in website creation. A potential new website builder for web design people and creative teams is called Editor X. It combines extensibility with quick site building for friction pressure.

Instead of stumbling around in vain, learn how to utilize Editor X, which is not simple for people who are new to the world of design. Get up and look for a company that can handle those demands. Tell them your plans and goals, and they will work with you to make them a reality. You may do so with the aid of a respected no-code website design company like Socialectric. Simply get in touch with them and utilize their services. I hope you will have a fantastic website.