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Common SEO Struggles Everyone Makes

The Seemingly Innocent Factors That Negatively Affect Your Online Presence

The primary struggles most people face with their websites in terms of SEO is poor website structure and outdated design.

Outdated Design
Lack of Mobile Optimization
Inefficient Code
Poor Navigation and User Experience
Inadequate Content Structure
Inadequate Keyword Optimization

Outdated Design

Many websites are built using older technologies and design trends. This can lead to slow loading times, poor mobile responsiveness, and an overall outdated look and feel. Search engines, like Google, consider user experience as a key ranking factor. If your website doesn't provide a seamless and modern experience, it can impact your search engine rankings negatively.

Lack of Mobile Optimization

With the increasing use of mobile devices for browsing, mobile optimization is crucial. If your website is not responsive and doesn't provide a good experience on smartphones and tablets, search engines may penalize your site in their rankings.

Inefficient Code

Websites with inefficient or bloated code can suffer from slow loading times. Search engines prioritize fast-loading websites, as they contribute to a better user experience. If your website takes too long to load, visitors might leave before it even fully loads, increasing your bounce rate and affecting your rankings.

Poor Navigation and User Experience

If visitors struggle to navigate your website or find the information they need, they're more likely to leave without engaging with your content. High bounce rates and low time-on-site metrics signal to search engines that your website isn't meeting user expectations.

Inadequate Content Structure

Content organization and structure play a pivotal role in SEO. If your website lacks a clear hierarchy and organized content, search engines might have difficulty understanding the relevance and importance of your pages, making it harder for them to rank your content appropriately.

Inadequate Keyword Optimization

Many websites fail to effectively optimize their content for relevant keywords. Keyword optimization involves strategically using keywords and phrases that potential visitors might use to search for content related to your business or industry. Without proper keyword research and implementation, your website might not rank well for the terms that matter most to your target audience.

Identify Challenges


We'll extend an invitation for a complimentary Consultation Call via Google Meet, during which a representative from our company will engage in a discussion with you to address the issues you're currently encountering.

examine the design

Design Audit

If you already have a design in place, that's fantastic! We can assist you in reviewing it to ensure it's optimized for SEO. While our primary expertise lies in web development, we have a special offer available if you'd like us to handle the design aspect as well.

Skyrocket Your Site Performance

Web Development

While copywriting is indeed a valuable part of your business offering, the structure of your website holds paramount importance in distinguishing you from your competitors, especially in terms of SEO optimization. Your site's code should adhere to semantic standards, ensuring that search engines can efficiently index your content. Furthermore, the construction of your website should facilitate smooth day-to-day operations, allowing you to manage your activities with ease.

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🎁 Bonuses 🎁

Bonus #1

Arrange a free Favicon setup and create a unique Open Graph image for enhanced social media link previews.

Bonus #2

Establish and execute the integration of Google Search Console and Google Analytics functionalities within your website infrastructure.

Bonus #3

20% discount on our post-launch maintenance package, available exclusively to clients who have their websites developed by our team.

Our Clients Said It All

"I sought expert help to enhance and perfect the SEO for my newly launched website. Socialectric came highly recommended by Webflow, and Eric reached out to me without delay. From the beginning, Eric exuded professionalism, making me feel completely comfortable during our initial online consultation. He had a clear grasp of my needs and the strategy required. His delivery was outstanding and within the allocated budget. The final outcome was exceptional, leaving me thoroughly satisfied. I wholeheartedly endorse Eric and his team for their services and eagerly anticipate future collaborations."

Sheree Gibbs
Director Sales and Marketing

"Working with Eric and the Socialectric team has been an incredible experience. They're great at collaborating, providing guidance and creating us a wonderful website. Their exceptional skills ensure that our needs are not only understood but also executed promptly and effectively."

Laura Lian Williams
Co-Founder + Creative Director

"The service from Eric and his team has been outstanding and has made the process of developing the site to the standard we needed very easy throughout every stage. I would highly recommend his services and look forward to developing our site further with him."

Thomas Tanikie
Design Assistant at Arch KBB UK

"I needed SEO completed to bring my site over the finish line and Eric totally delivered. He audited the site, optimized every little detail, and gave me clear directions of how to move forward. He's absolutely a trusted professional who delivers on his promises."

Karen Allen
Keynote Speaker | Growth Mindset Thought Leader | Creator of Stop & Shift | Founder of 100% Human™️ community

"Thank you Eric. It’s been great working with you, too. The site looks so good. Ifyou require a testimonial for Socialectric just let me know!"

Marsha Folkoff
Digital Sales & Marketing, Singapore Business Vietnam Association

"Eric and his team are skilled, efficient and affordable. I have had Eric working on all aspects of a website build, code, forms, SEO, etc. His turnaround is fast and his work is excellent. Anytime I asked for a change, he was completely willing and helpful. I continue to work with him on a variety of projects… he is now my go to IT man! Thank you Eric and team!"

Gayle Olson
CEO & Founder, Euphoria Retreats

"On a good note, I have a call with Jan this morning to finish up her site. We will be invoicing hopefully today for this. Thank you so much!! I am so grateful that we connected."

Andrea Beaulieu
CEO & Founder, Studio Linear

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the process?

We will commence by arranging an initial consultation session with you. During this session, we will review the challenges you are encountering and provide potential self-implemented solutions. In the event that the challenges prove to be more intricate than anticipated and should you express interest, we will present viable solutions.

How long will it take?

Our typical web development projects are generally completed within a span of 4-6 weeks. We will accommodate your schedule and provide you with a comprehensive timeline, ensuring the timely launch of your project. If web design services are also required, this could extend the timeline by an additional 2-4 weeks, contingent upon the promptness of your feedback. We take pride in our exceptional efficiency, offering an impressive turnaround feedback time ranging from 1-2 days.

How much will it cost?

Our website design starts from The pricing is project-specific and contingent upon the scope of services engaged. Should you decide to collaborate with us, we will inquire about your proposed budget for the project. This approach enables us to allocate the appropriate resources and time necessary to fulfill your project requirements precisely, ensuring alignment between your expectations and our deliverables.

What services do you offer?

Over the years, we've discovered that Webflow stands out as the top website building tool, enabling us to enhance our website's user experience and ultimately boost our SEO rankings. However, we're equally enthusiastic about assisting our clients on other robust platforms such as Shopify, Wix Studio, and Squarespace. It's important to note that your website's structure is a critical element directly impacting its performance. If you're considering a migration, don't hesitate to reach out for further guidance.

Who do you work with?

We have a strong affinity for collaborating directly with clients across various sectors, with a primary focus on small to medium-sized businesses. Additionally, we provide specialized white-label web development services to creative agencies, consulting firms, and branding agencies, offering them support in handling their workload when needed.

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Figma Design & Webflow Development Bundle

Save 10% on Design when you book a web design and web development bundle with us.


Sitemap Creation for Enhanced Website Performance

Simplify building your sitemap. Improve navigation, boost SEO, and structure your site effectively.


Craft user flow and develop high-fidelity wireframes

Obtain a comprehensive top-level perspective of the design to optimize conversion rates.


Develop functional designs for user testing purposes

A preliminary model or representation of the approved website to test UX/UI.