Digital Strategy

Improve your digital customer experience.


An Action Plan

A digital strategy helps organizations to identify gaps in their current experience and optimize all aspects of their customer's engagement throughout different digital touchpoints to achieve a specific targeted outcome.

Our Process

Discovery Call

We will hop on an intro call with you to get to know you and your business, and to see if our services can actually fulfill your goal.

Strategy Workshop

We will host a strategy workshop with you once we have come up with an agreement. We will discuss and explore different scenarios that aligns with your company's vision and marketing plan.


A step by step action plan, from the moment a user lands on your website to the moment they become your customers. The user experience will cater toward the strategy we discussed with you in the strategy workshop.

Build a cohesive, cohesive customer experience with Digital Assets.


Clear Direction

Set a clear direction for the marketing, customer relationship, and sales teams going forward.

Unique Selling Proposition

Build out and demonstrate the organization's primary value propositions.


Key Target Audience

Understand and develop different digital assets to target specific customers. 

Digital Touchepoints

Integrate all digital touchpoints for a cohesive and consistent journey. 


Customer Journey

Improve marketing ROI by creating specific customer journeys that drive sales and increase your online presence .


Create a basis for all digital interactions that allows the company to optimize continuously.


Andrea Beaulieu

 CEO & Founder, Studio Linear

"On a good note, I have a call with Jan this morning to finish up her site. We will be invoicing hopefully today for this. Thank you so much!! I am so grateful that we connected."

Gayle Olson

CEO & Founder, Euphoria Retreats

"Eric and his team are skilled, efficient and affordable. I have had Eric working on all aspects of a website build, code, forms, SEO, etc. His turnaround is fast and his work is excellent. Anytime I asked for a change, he was completely willing and helpful.  I continue to work with him on a variety of projects… he is now my go to IT man!  Thank you Eric and team!"

Marsha Folkoff

Digital Sales & Marketing,  Singapore Business Vietnam Association

"Thank you Eric. It’s been great working with you, too. The site looks so good. Ifyou require a testimonial for Socialectric just let me know!"