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Legacy Gifts

Legacy Letters & Gifts are sent for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays or any day. They are letters and gifts for those we love beyond our living years.

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United States


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Legacy Gifts

The Challenge

A Legacy Gift offers an ongoing connection beyond our living years through meaningful gifts and a personal note. Legacy Gifts are either sent now to be opened after ones passing or sent in the future. They acknowledge special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, meaningful holidays or as a spontaneous surprise accompanied by little nudges of love, like the ones hidden in a grade school lunch box.

To stand out, Legacy Gifts came to Socialectric to get your website design consolidated into one cohesive design, aligned with their beautiful branding. They also need to host their website somewhere stable, scalable, and also easy for them to edit.

The Solution

We used Figma to redesign their website blueprint. They already had a solid design, but it was done by different designers, so it was inconsistent here and there such as color mismatch, different fonts, inconsistent layout structure. This was why we thought it would be wise to fix their blueprint first before we moved on to the development phase.

Legacy Gifts offers paid workshops and free consultation before you make a purchase. Users should be able to book a workshop as well and get it paid online, so we needed to add an eCommerce feature to make this happen. We used Calendly, the largest growing event booking company in North America, to handle the event booking and backend payment.

The Impact

The site launched as we expected. The client was super happy, and since he has got a lot of sales and an increase in traffic overall.